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*Warning* This is gonna be a long post, jump to the bold part where the remedy is if you don't wanna read all of it.* Okay, so I have really bad teeth and frequently have horrible toothaches. About two days ago, I had probably the worst toothache/pain I've ever felt in my life. It started off pretty bad on my right side of my mouth so I first took like 4-5 tylenol and maybe a couple advil and of course it didn't even touch the pain, so I went to my bathroom & grabbed my Kanka Mouth Pain Liquid that numbs the pain and that usually helps when I have toothaches but this time it just made it a million times worse. When I was rubbing the applicator onto my teeth/gums, it made my gums so inflamed and irritated that the pain shot up to a 9/10. I sat on my bathroom floor holding a frozen water bottle to my cheek and just praying to God (literally, lol) to please take the pain away for about 10 minutes until I just couldn't handle it anymore and started bawling my eyes out. I haven't cried in years, I don't really ever cry at all, especially when it comes to pain but like I said, this was quite literally the worst pain I've ever been in. The pain just wouldn't stop. I'm an ex-opiate addict and I've been clean for almost 2 years now and I actually had some codeine cough syrup that I never took for another illness but at this point I was seriously considering taking it, that's how desperate I was for the pain to just stop. I actually withheld from taking the codeine and within like 20 minutes the pain surprisingly went down from an 20 out of 10 to a 4.5 out of 10. So I was able to fall asleep. Of course when I woke up, the pain was back and I couldn't take it anymore so I took a bit of the cough syrup, praying to God it would just stop the pain and it didn't even touch it. <b>Then I remembered I had some garlic in my fridge so I grabbed a bulb of garlic and broke a couple cloves off of it and peeled away the skin. Once it was completely bare of the skin, I broke 1 clove in half and immediately put 1 of the halves in my mouth, onto the side of my mouth that hurt and pressed it against the teeth/gums that were hurting me with my tongue. I held it in place for about 10 minutes while doing other stuff. Mind you, the garlic does start to burn your cheeks/tongue/gums a little bit but it was nothing compared to the pain I was in from my toothache. When I say this, I'm not exaggerating... The horrible, unbearable pain I was in that caused me to cry went away immediately. Like within 1 minute the pain was completely gone. I was in total shock. Garlic is a miracle pain killer! I was soo happy & relieved. If you have a horrible toothache or even mouth pain, cut up some garlic and put it on your teeth/gums. It really works. I think the garlic is a natural antibiotic and definitely has some pain killing properties. Try it and you'll be pleasantly surprised! But I wouldn't leave it in your mouth for too long, about 10 minutes or less should do it. And I'm sure you can do this multiple times a day. Just take it out of your mouth if it starts to burn really bad & cause you more pain. (It did burn my mouth a bit, but I was able to bear it cuz it wasn't that bad, at least not for me.)</b>

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I've been there. Yes, tooth pain will send you to your knees screaming in agony. One of the best things that I used to do is get pure clove oil and rub it on the gum and tooth that hurt...hell, just rub the entire side or more that hurts. It burns like hell but it numbs your mouth. In November of 2015 I finally was able to have all of my teeth taken out in surgery!! I don't miss the effers either. I'd tried nearly everything else too. I'd even take a bottle of room temp water and sit holding water in my mouth to stop the pain. It worked for a while, but soon it just made it worse. I ended up going to ER to get a pain shot and it didn't help. I was screaming in agony! I got home and took Advil and Tylenol on top of the pain shot and I literally passed out while sitting up in bed. My husband put me to bed and I slept finally. But I recommend the clove oil and eventually getting the darn things out. Good luck.

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