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I had two issues. The first - hemorrhoids. The second was a fistula. I did some research after exhausting all over-the-counter drugs (preparation H, wipes, compresses, baths, you name it). The baths helped relieve the pain for only a short while. I deal a lot in essential oils and decided to turn to that. For the hemorrhoids i used Arnica Montana mixed with a touch of olive oil and applied it directly to the swollen areas. I had already suffered for three days and couldn't sit without being in in terrible pain. Within one hour of applying the Arnica Montana, I was able to have a bowel movement without feeling like I was giving birth. By the second evening they were completely shrunken and I was in no pain. The arnica did little for the fistula however. The cooling sensation gave a little relief but nothing to decrease the size or sensitivity.

I began a regiment of twice daily horse chestnut pills. At that point it was about the size of a golf ball and I could not sit properly. To touch it was excruciating; even the lightest touch sent shockwaves. I found that lavender, Tea tree, and black pepper essential oil's are widely used for abscesses. I decided to make a cream of Shea butter, coconut oil and the three oils. Unbelievably, within one day the abscess had shrunken to the size of a nicklel. By midday of the following day, it was pea-sized. Completely gone by the next day. I am continuing the ointment and the pills for another week to ensure all is cleared up and not returning. I cannot believe how well this worked and I'll never go back to prescriptions and antibiotics or over the counters again. At least not for this. I'm still in complete shock at how well this worked.

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What a story!

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