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Stewey Feb 06 2017

I'm here to say that I caught genital warts from a girl I was seeing who did not tell me she had them until 6 months into the relationship and several months of being intimate. Needless to say I broke up with her. I think its a horrible thing to do to somebody. Anyway. I did not think I actually caught it because it was not until almost seven years later before I saw anything. Two small warts appeared on the shaft of my penis. I was horrified. I got them frozen off at the clinic and it was horrible, degrading and painful. Was happy they were gone though. Six months later they came back with more of them appearing.I had about 7 warts in total plus two had appeared on my anus. God I was devastated. I really did not want to go back to the clinic, as it obviously did not work anyway. I found this thread and decided that the ACV would be worth trying I mean why not? I only used cider vinegar as I could not find any apple cider vinegar. I wont give the brand name as I do not want other people to think I am here to endorse a product. I did not apply any during the day, as I could not stand the smell to be honest. I applied it to the affected ares with cotton wool soaked in the cider vinegar and kept it on with plaster strips and sellotape and I also put some cotton wool soaked in the vinegar up my you know where. It did not really burn me too bad it was tolerable.I left it on all night. I did this for four nights and my God people my warts are all but gone. I mean gone. I am going to continue for a few more nights just in case. I really cannot believe how well this worked . Thank you to everyone on this thread for your advice. People listen to me I am not making this up my warts are gone, the cider vinegar really does work. I also took the advice of quitting drinking, exercising, eating well and I took two multi-vitamin supplements a day to help. Good luck to everyone trying to get rid of this. And remember in most cases it is not our fault we got this , it was the unthoughtful and nasty people who gave it to us without a care for how it would affect our lives. Thank God for cider vinegar.

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Thanks mate to let people with warts like me have hope,, you angel to waste time to kick away fears of many people,,thanks again,,I love your warts


It's horrible trying to deal with this disgusting disease, thanks for the tips, currently soaking ACV as we speak praying for relief and remission

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