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Surley can't hurt.

Besides the regular vacuuming, cleaning, steam mop, Orange cleaners for furniture, floors make a good offense. Vicks vapor rub which has the eucolyptus menthol for your legs and arms on the pet owner and a little behind the neck area of my little chihuhua. Also a little bandana with some lavender essential oil on the bandana leave on neck. Visually cute and helps to keep fleas away. I give my pups a little slice of garlic covered in a bit of strawberry jelly. Garlic is suppose to be good for repeling fleas. I have not tried Dawn soap for the pups but I will try. I also heard that "Suave" the BLUE color clarifying shampoo kills fleas also. I imagine becuase it strips away the oils... Happy repeling...

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I've been using Dawn as a flea bath method for years on both my dog and cat, it works great in killing adult fleas, eggs and larvae. The ingredients of dawn when used sparingly is gentle on a pet, but destroys the flea exoskeleton. However, ANY shampoo (such as suave) meant for humans would be harmful on pets because they have a different ph than we do and the ingredients have little to no affects on the fleas, but can irritate your pets skin. Adult Fleas will not survive when submerged in water for several minutes, which is why your friend thought that method worked.

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