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My foot is finally recovering from the awful athlete's foot. I want to share what works for me. The GP gave me oral Nizoral tablets, Sporanox tablets, anti-fungal cream and potassium permanganate solution which didn't help much. I had a huge blister and had difficulty walking. Despite eating the medications, my foot worsened and continued to peel everyday. I visited a dermatologist who prescribed me with Lamisil cream. It started to get better but my foot was peeling everyday. It had little improvement. Out of desperation, I decided to try home remedy. I soaked my foot in apple cider vinegar and used gentian violet for 2 days. I can see the improvement immediately. The peeling has reduced. I have stopped using gentian violet now as it is very dry. It really sucks all the moisture from the foot.

Night routine

1) Soak my foot in diluted apple cider cider vinegar with epsom salt for 30 min

2) Dry foot thoroughly

3) Apply Lamsil cream

Morning routine (on weekends only)

1) Soak my foot in 3\\% hydrogen peroxide for 15 min

2) Dry foot thoroughly

3) Apply Lamsil cream

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