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Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil totally work, also I took zinc tablets (must take with food) because viruses hate zinc!

I used Teccnu to wash the anal warts in the shower and that seemed to help, it is a product used to stop the spread of poison ivy by stopping the spread of the oils, and it seems to stop the virus spreading also when it breaks open and makes new warts.

When the red, irritation from the acid in the vinegar can no longer be stood, apply Neosporin and also Abreva (used for cold sores).

Wash it everyday and keep one of the above things on it and it will go away!

Follow up with your acupuncturist quarterly to get your immune system worked on so it can beat the virus down when it tries to express itself when your system gets weak. Ladies particularly around that time of the month because the immune system is weaker due to the hormone fluctuation.

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Filipino 29

I cant find any cream or ointments solution here in saudi arabia...i dont want to go and see doctor as this is a conservative country...can u suggest me other home remedy?im using acv also but not bragg,i used heins it also good to use?im from philippines.thank you!


Ai anonymous can u please explain step by step how you use teccnu to wash and when can I find oll this remedy

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