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Apply milk of magnesia to cotton pad and put on the hemorrhoids. Leave it in place for several hours. Magnesium calms inflamed swollen tissue.

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I worked in a Gastroenterology office for 10 years and the best home remedy for hemorrhoids is Milk of Magnesia , but we have always used it made into frozen ice cubes. Take the MOM ice cube and apply it to the hemorrhoid , bite a bullet for the first few seconds then the pain will subside. I have them myself and right now I am getting up the nerve to go and apply the MOM ice cube ! I can't function , my pain is so bad I can barely walk, I can't sleep, sit and feel like I am going to have a heart attack if I don't do something soon. I have used the Milk of magnesia in the past and had relief but just getting past the initial shock of it is the worst part. It does work and I'm headed to apply it now, I have too. If they are really painful try milk of magnesia in ice cube form.

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