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No remedy I'm afraid. I just want to share my frustration at severe dental pains like that. I've always been lucky with my teeth until recently when I started experiencing sharp pains from my teeth when I passed over that area of my face with a flannel. I saw a dentist and she saw no issue. The situation has worsened and now I get horrible pains when I clean my upper front teeth which then echoes up my face like an electric shock. :( I don't know what to do.

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Clove oil from a health food store helped me. Also peppermint oil and oil pulling also helped me with teeth problems.

Neem toothpaste is also good.

Brush & floss daily.

Google free dental day if you can't afford a dentist. Also look into dental schools for cheaper teeth cleanings.

Avoid sugar and drink plenty of water.

Derek J.

I've had an issue with a cavity for a while and have been too busy to ultimately go to the dentist. I'd even wake up from a dead sleep to unbearable pain in my upper-right jaw. I went to Walmart and bought a .25 ounce tube of Orajel Severe PM Toothache Cream, and applied it directly into the cavity - pain was gone within 30 seconds. I know it';s not a long-term solution, but it definitely eased the pain I was feeling almost instantaneously.

I am not endorsing this product - just giving my experience with it.


Tea bags only work for a few minutes, the ground clovers killed the nerve after a couple of hours.

I got lucky


I just heard of a similar pain about a radio's hosts wife. They ended at a neurologists to find out there is a nerve that runs down your face from the brain, that controls pain. They had yet to do tests to see if that was it. My suggestion would be to go to your doctor or a neurologist. Hope this info helps!


ORAL ANTISEPTIC, (AKA THROAT SPRAY) works for a while...healing it from the Inside (Bourbon) too is the Only thing i cud do..i went to MedExpress 2day n they gave me penecilin and 5 mg. Vicodin, but thats not doing a Damn thing hour aftr 20 mg stilll NOTHING! Ive ha a root canal with no pain relief and thats how bad THIS pain the WORRRRST!!!!????

Husband has trigeminal neuralgia

Sounds like it is effecting the trigeminal nerve. It's the nerve that goes around the face. Also, look up trigeminal neuralgia. Do you grind your teeth or have you had any recent trauma/work to your teeth, mouth, or face? Changing to toothpaste for sensitive teeth might help, too.


That's what I ave is Trigeminal Neuralgia. My dentist diagnosed it. Mine comes and goes. Just pat your face easy when washing, putting on makeup or anytime touching your face. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about it. Mine hasn't bothered me for a while now.....there is surgery but dangerous. Good luck!

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