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I have a broken tooth and an exposed nerve, I keep getting electric shock pain and its excrutating. I cant eat or sleep, and have been taking Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. It's just taking the pain away.Having been in this agony before thankfully I know Wat to do.

Firstly brush with high fluoride toothpaste and warm water make sure you rinse with a good mouthwash.

Then take strong painkillers and apply Clove oil to a cotton bud and apply to the tooth. The Clove oil will kill any infection and Numb the nerve.

Seek a dentist.

I have also vanilla extract apply ed to the tooth via cotton also works.

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If you are still having the pain go to your local drug store and they sell stuff that's like a clay to fix fillings and crowns. Use it to plug the hole and the pain will stop, I have been doing this for the last month.


Does it have to be real vanilla extract or can it be imitation?


What type of strong painkiller are you speaking of? I’ve tried a few different ones and they haven’t touched the amout of pain I have and have been dealing with for about a week... the whole outside of my back wisdom tooth has completely broken off so it’s just the nerves and roots exposed... I’ve tried many things none have worked so far and I’ve talked to about 4 dentist in my area that want an arm and leg to get rid of it... maby you have taken or tried a pain killer I haven’t heard of... a lot of the tricks up here supply little relief to my situation

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