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I feel everyone's pain. I recently broke one of my wisdom teeth and had an exposed nerve. Let me tell you this is the worst pain for many people because it will not let up. Well the only thing that would work for me was ice cold water. It would take the pain away temporarily. I would swoosh it around in my mouth and spit it out when the pain would start again and repeat. It is a temporary fix and takes the edge off. I was like this for 2 days without rest and finally had to go to ER and the numbed my infected wisdom tooth with something injected with a needle. The pain was gone for about 8 hours but I finally got some sleep. The next morning went to the Dentist did ex rays and showed I needed my impacted wisdom tooth removed with the molar. I proceed to the oral surgeon and thought I was going to get my teeth taken out that day to the disappointment of a next day oral surgery. I begged him for some relief and He numbed my teeth with a needle and wiggled it around to try and take pressure off the nerve, it worked plus He gave a prescription for oxycodone it worked. Went back the next day and had them removed while awake. The pain having them removed is minimal and now I'm thankful there out. Both the Dentist and Oral Surgeon saw me with the ice cold water and told me that is one of the only things that takes the pain away for a very short period of time. It sucks swishing cold water in your mouth but takes the terrible pain away. The only real remedy is to have tooth removed to solve the problem. I hope this helps someone out there because I felt your pain.

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yep ice cold liquid is the only thing I have found to stop the pain


Ice water is the worst thing to put on a tooth with an exposed nerve. Dumbasses like you trying to cause people more agony by giving bad advice.


i have an exposed nerve on one of my front upper 4 teeth and it hurts. the cold drinks help but until i get to the dentist next week or the next i am doing all that i can. this is making me stay up because of the pain


Have had two exposed nerves for at least six months now, the pain that made me want to kill myself subsided after two to three months due to plaque building over the exposed nerve.I was so happy until now when I pulled some of the plaque off and revealed my nerve again. Hell, I could even eat food with my exposed nerves, could not afford to get it fixed so I have to live with this until we can. Am 17 and now I'm on a 9-10 pain ratio again. Been crying and even screaming, dentist did not give me any painkillers, had to just wait for the plaque to take control. Now I am popping at least 6 ibuprofen a day, about to be eight since it's safeish.

Is it possible to just pull the teeth out? Thanks.


Cold water only shocks my teeth I'm noe going to try the hot salt water I want to eat I'm hungry hopefully it gives relief I can eat I'll HV it removed on Tuesday three more days sign


Look up acupuncture points for exposed nerve pain. This worked for me. I was in extreme pain and tried everything. Use your fingers pointing upwards under your cheekbone and aline them directly even with your eye. Apply pressure until it numbs the nerves. Also try pressure directly under earlobe on jaw. Try both of these on side of face with nerve pain. Can't believe both worked for excruciating pain. Good luck!


Has anyone been advised that there is a condition called trigeminal neuralgia which is severe nerve pain caused by stress and not necessarily the tooth. This is a condition that unfortunately I have on and off for the past 6 years, at the time I thought that I needed root canal which would have been a good outcome. Acupuncture works very well also for this condition which I get until I get the pain under control but even the strongest medication didn't work. Its important firstly getting the condition diagnosed.

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