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I had plantar warts on my feet when I was younger. Several times I had them burned off width acid or frozen off. Then I was wart free for decades. A few years ago they came back. They covered a good portion of my foot. I tried multiple home remedies with no success. Mostly, I soaked them and used a razor blade to trim off the callous. Finally, I went to a dermatologist. He said he could treatment, but that they would just go away after about two years.

So, I stopped treating them. They didn't really bother me even though they were spreading to my toes. After three years, they were still there. Then about 3.5 years after I originally noticed them, they suddenly and quickly began to disappear. Within a month they were gone. it was rather miraculous. I just noticed one day that a very big wart on my toe was a lot smaller. Then I looked at the bottom of my foot. Warts almost gone.

So, if they're not bothering you or aren't unsightly, just leave them alone.

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