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Great Guns!

The magic potion worked for me as well..7 days into the problem.. couldnt sit... Paining all over.. tried all medicines.. put this two spoons each of baking soda, coconut oil and turmeric powder and put this as a paste.. in 7 hours my abscess bursted and the blood was all in my undies... Got a relief and going to the homeopathy guy so that it doesn't turn into a fistula..God bless this site

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How long does the paste last once it has been made? Thanks.



Should I not put this mixture on my abscess if it's open a little? It burst a wee bit but is still very angry.


Mine is beyond unbearable, it feels like my butt is being sliced open every time I do any thing!!! My God. Did go to urgent care which was a good thing bcz it's so infected it was almost in my bloodstream, was prescribed 2000 mg in antibiotics for ten days but even after two days on them it has done absolutely nothing for the pain or soften, etcs. It is still just as hard as ever and getting bigger and bigger... Will this paste do any thing to help???!!! Omgoodness I have had six children and have never felt a pain this bad in my life and my pain tolerances is almost remarkable but this here .. Ugh I just want to die the pain is truly that bad, sorry for the rant but I hope someone can understand my pain. (No pun intended) thanks


How much do you slather on the abscess to see instant results?


can you use this when you have an an anal fistula?

Mark GMC

Thanks God found this site.. i almost died feeling such things i never experience in my whole life..5 days in pain til it finally burst and pop this monday morning..thank you for this magical mixture at first i was hesitant but then i tried it for i was so desperate coz my pain increases each day..i did this 5 things for the relief..


2.this magic mixture (baking powder,coconut oil,tormeric powder.)

3.proper hygiene awareness (soft diet)

5.physician for total healing after it pops or burst.

Godbless us all.


Ok... I want to believe that this would be a good thing for me to try, but here's the problem: I had a sphincterotomy done to fix a fissure issue last month. During my healing, I developed an abscess behind my incision and the pain is so bad, but it's draining out of the corner of my incision causing it not to heal. I was prescribed antibiotics, muscle relaxers and oxycodone for the pain and healing. Would it be safeatured to try this remedy with a surgical incision that isn't fully healed??


So im experiencing pain between the scrotum and anus and also it is realy hard but also i have the pus bumps on both sides of the anus would this still be the remedy for me


can someone please help with advice as i have this fistula for three years which has been operated on 5 times with no success as i have been told that the track is going into the tissue muscle which holds everything together. I find that it is constantly filling up and once and i'm in terrible pain. i have tried almost everything thus far including the tumeric which just ended up widening the fistula and causing it to bleed more. it's not come to a point where blood clots are coming out of the opening which is so scary.


Dear sash!!! Please do horse gesture(aswini mudra) 200 times morning and evening, and KAPAL BHATI PRANAYAMA on regular basis. Maintain good hygeine and diet control. It will be cured effectively within 3 to 6 months. Foods which heat up the body are better to avoid. Eg. Spicy curry, refined flour,tea,coffee..etc. Also avoid brinjal,okra,cauliflower, bitter gourd.

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