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Hi Everyone! Last summer I started being sexually active and after the first time i had intercourse I smelled a musty smell, it wasn't really strong but really bothered me, sometimes it would go away and sex was great but then it would come back. I tried so many remedies like washing my V with ACV and inserting a tampon soaked in ACV and it didn't work, i even tried taking Vitamin C but it didn't help either . I got super insecure because of this and rejected sex from my boyfriend so many times, he never sex anything about the smell but i knew he obviously smelled it, anyways after research and research i decided to start taking Vitamin C with rose hips(1000mg) twice a day along with 1 Spring Valley Women's Probiotic Dietary Supplement, I am currently on day 3 and the smell has decreased & no discharge, hopefully this makes it better! but I'm scared that once i stop taking them it will come back!

Good luck ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the BESTTTTTT way to cure BV is to eat strawberries (mini bowl at publix) and a mini salad that’s prepacked (publix) and also drink water (any brand you like). I recommend probiotics also. (ultimate flora for Vaginal support) you can find in target about $16. I ate strawberries for 3 days and ate salads 1-2x a day within 3 days I had NO signs of BV what so ever I’ve had BV TWICE ! Trust I hated it and no antibotics cured it. Maybe for a short while but It came back. I advise you not to take them they only destroy the vagnial by getting rid of both bad and good bacteria. You can also pick up ultimate flora probiotic for vaginal support they help restore the good bacteria take 2x a day for however long you like. I only took 4 pills . 2 each day . Then i began eating strawberries, salad and water ! You can eat any other foods you like through out the day but make sure you eat the following everyday above. I’m telling you it really works pleaseee pleaseee try it out and if it works for you share to every female you know going through the same thing ????


I struggled with chronic BV for years. What i found is that my husbands PH and me ne do not jive. So i would contract BV. Take antibiotics.... no symptoms... then as soon as my husband and i had intercourse it was back. He did finally see a urologist who confirmed that he was in fact passing it to my from a bacteria that was in his prostate. He did an intense 6 week course of antibiotics and that helped for a long time... at least a year. Bacteria in the prostate can be very difficult to clear because it it like a very dense sponge...... slowly my smell came back. I have however for a solution that works for me.

I started drinking Chaga Tea about one year ago. No more smell. One of the benitos of this tea that is not overly researched but noted is that it balances you acidity to an alkaline state. For me it is the cure.

I did stop drinking the tea for a few months and the smell was back... i will drink it forever more. I hope that you will google this fungus that grows naturally on Birch trees and give it a try. I SWEAR by it... especially for my BV symptoms!!

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