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Hey guys, just thought I'd share my experience as this forum has been stalked by myself for almost a year now. I've had a largeish (I think) tag on my bottom for years now. It started as a small hem about a 10-15 years ago when I was in my very early 20s and was just a tiny little fold of skin, however the past few years it had grown to the size of a flat raisin. About 1x0.5cm. It's right on the edge of my anus next to my perineum. It's slowly destroyed my confidence as I felt revolting, and couldn't stand my partner going anywhere near the area.

I've been researching home remedies for a while now as I was told by my doctor "ignore it" even when I explained the damage it was doing, sounds stupid to be so worked up over something so small but it's made me feel awful for a while now.

I read up on this forum and eventually bought the tag-band kit, I banded it as soon as it arrived then immediately freaked out and took it off again. I've left it since but finally the other night decided I'd had enough.

I put two bands on as the first one didn't quite sit flush. It didn't hurt really, just a slight ache. The first night was fine, it went a kind of purpleish colour and just slightly throbbed. Yesterday was the same but it got slightly more painful as the day went on. Last night I can admit it was pretty sore, felt like cramps almost, I put some lidocaine cream on it and took a couple of Nurofen and managed to get an ok sleep.

Today I checked it and it's gone black and a bit hard/dry at the end so it looks like it's maybe properly working. I'm trying not to get too hopeful just yet, but it's at least doing something. And the pain is much better, still taking ibuprofen just in case and to reduce any swelling it might want to do haha.

I'll keep updating here as it goes. :)

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About F'N time!!

Mine fell off today after only 3 full days. Exact same story as you OP. Tied this past Sunday night with dental floss (the minty kind lol) after a shower, tied again the following morning (yup even more painful), then tied again yesterday morning (still exponentially painful), then tied the final one this morning (painful but not as much as prior days). Each day it got a lil darker going from a fleshy tone to a purple then to black. I went to go check on it about 15 minutes ago and it was literally hanging on by a string so I just yanked it right off!! No pain whatsoever!! Like none at all!! Fuck it right I mean it's been there for 5+ years and was getting on my damn nerves already!! I couldn't be more excited!! Yay!!


Hi I had a question for the person who posted about the tag band removal kit. Since the tag was on your hind quarters (a place you probably want to keep as clean as possible) did you have to remove the band and put on a new one every day or what? How were you able to keep the area clean? Also please update to let us know what the end result was of your tag removal kit! :) thank you.


Hey! Sorry for not replying for a while.

IT'S GONE!!!!! After approx 5 days during which time it shrunk to a super small black spot (there was a bit of a weird smell, but I've heard that happens) one day it just wasn't there! The pain was a slight nip by that point and after another day or so when the skin surrounding the area gradually returned to normal there was literally no sign of it.

I kept the same band the whole time, I used baby wipes regularly and after the toilet. The band is so so small there was literally no chance I could change it every day, it kinda seals the tag off so when the thing disappeared there wasn't an open wound, just a red irritated area, I had used a little antoseptic cream once or twice and had a lidocaine cream to hand if it got too painful.

100\\\\% would do this again if I needed to, so happy with the result, that thing had made me feel horrible for so long.

I am obv not a medical professional, so please be careful, however this worked for me. Happy happy happy!!


Hello Finallydonelt may I ask you where you buy this "tag band removal kit" I would really like your help I have 2 and am very very embarrassed about it, I have never let my partner see it and I hate that I have to always feel the need to hide it. Can you please help me as to where I can buy this from.

Thank you


You can buy tag band removal on Amazon. I bought one but it seems like you need three hands to properly apply. But now there is a one handed version.


Analtagyoureit thank you, have you tried it before ??

My confidence level has dropped so much I just want to get rid of them ????

Thank you for replying also I appreciate it


No I have not tried it, have not purchased yet because given the stories I feel as though I should try this when I have off several days of work just in case it hurts like crazy. I have tried tea tree oil and it did not work.


Hi I have 4 of these things hanging out of my bottom do I band each one up individually or ll together? Or do I do one at at time. It's so embarrassing I've had mine for 12 years. Please help.


For your question above, I bought mine and just recieved it yesterday ! Thank goodness

Straight away I got to it and put in on (individually)

And I must admit it doesn't really hurt that much it's just a simple pinch, still went to work. Was uncomfortable but I could manage no paracetamol needed. It has gone black and waiting for it to come off!! Will let you know :)


I purchased the tag remover kit on Amazon and gave it a try. I used the medium to large skin tag kit. Took a couple times to get it on properly, it wouldn't go all the way to the base of the tag. It does sting a little bit. Use alcohol and baby wipes to keep clean. I checked it after 2 days and it had came loose, I'm assuming from having to wipe. But it does look purple and doesn't have any feeling in which I can tell, does have a little red irritation from the band. I did not reapply one, I'm hoping it will fall off soon. So I did apply one to the skin tag right beside it. It does sting and throb. I diluted tea tree oil with water and dipped a cotton ball into it and held it on the tags for a few minutes, then wiped with witch hazel. I will try to keep updated! I did have to take a pain medicine because it is uncomfortable :/

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