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I have been dealing with bad teeth for many years and many nights of restless sleep or even none at all. I have felt pain like never before. With the most extreme pain ever felt from the human body, I found an instant relief with chewing on minced onion enough to moisten it and get it right into the hole of the decayed tooth or teeth with the exposed nerve. Hours of extreme pain gone once and for all. I can now sleep like a new born baby.

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Thank you!! Ready to try it right now!! I LOVE raw onions!!


I tried your recommendation for clove whole clove works the best


I tried your recommendation but ,clove whole clove works the best.


God bless you.

Angie Perry

I'm in so much's been weeks & no dental insurance so I'm praying this works. Thank you for your relief comment.


Wow,I would never believe it, - tried Clove oil cloves and chewing raw onion, - all 3 worked amazingly well, thank you ever so much.


I just cut up an onion and chewed on it oh my this has subduded the pain in my tooth 4 now hopefuly lit will last all night


Hemmroid Cream!!!

Seriously... Put some on a cotton swab and lightly brush over the crack of teeth or at gum line.

It reduces the swelling and inflammation.

Excellent to help the gums


Nerve pain is the worst I have my upper teethe decade and my bottom on both sides and no money to get it fixed. I think I'm just going to pull them all out my self if I could I would put a pic on here to show you guys just how bad my teeth are I havent slept in a 3 days now becouse it hurts so bad I used bleach to try kill the nerves but that just made it worst tried the onion and unfortunately it dident work for me ???? If you have a bad tooth get it out this pain hurts to much to bare trust me


I'm doing it right now!! Love onions wonder how long it will take for the pain to stop!

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