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Ladies, ladies, ladies...Oh women unite


You'd think our academics/med practitioners would have come up with conclusive evidence to find a "alternative"(organic) solution(s). We, the many, have provided various causes, ailments, conditions and an array of FixIT remedies and the like. For some, Congratulation. For others to no avail..

I have BV. I consider my condition, cronic however, my GP thinks otherwise (I'm being paranoid). My Dietition on the other hand recognises my condition! I have had the condition on and off over the years but can't determine exactly. This time (late 2016/2017) it has returned with a vengence. I am at my wits end with ittle social contact and self confidence down the tube. I can still laugh and its encouraging to read there IS hope on this site.

I am and have been free of medications of 10yrs due to a serious thyroid condition yet continue to take those for a heart condition & Cholesterol I am Gluten free (2016)as diagnosed by my dietition in early 2016. While I have lost a considerable amount of weight...BV is still and issue.

To date: I make my own Yoghurt (natural greek) & Apple Cider vinegar are taken daily. Processed sugar & Wheat has dropped considerably. Currently I am trying homemade pessaries using coconut oil with essential oils. So far....ok. I am really relunctant to go down the Boric acid method or the insertion of tampons. As for the BV, Candidisis, Thrush Supplements on the market...way too expensive for someone who could least afford it. Conclusively a dietry change is a MUST at least for me. Identifying the cause I'm still trying to find. A healthy understanding Probiotics and Prebiotics is certainly and insight. And last but not least introducing Kombucha, Kefir, Kimichi and Saukraut etc or the fermentation route has certainly enhanced my taste buds and cooking skills!

So far I am still trying (something). Should I find it. I'll contribute like everyone else.

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Vitamin C tablet inserted into vagina will get rid of odor overnight. Nothing fancy, plain old vitamin C, with rose hips, 1000 mg. If you have some kind of applicator, like what comes with yeast infection cream, it works perfectly to get it up there. There will be a discharge but your body will get rid of it.


How often should the vitamin c be inserted Sarah?


To Stacy, sorry this comment is MONTHS late. I used the vitamin C at night before bed. I did this for a week. The smell was gone by the first morning but I continued for 6 more nights. Unfortunately, the smell was back within a well. I should've updated my post at that point. I then tried the coconut oil suppositories, this also worked for one week. I simply rolled coconut oil into some plastic wrap, shaped into a ball and froze it. Then placed the frozen ball in one of the yeast infection applicators to insert into vajayjay. During this time I was taking probiotics daily that I had purchased from my local health food store. They were expensive and once the bottle was gone I said screw it. I then did a week of Apple cider vinegar baths, I sat in the bath for about 30 minutes each night, again the smell was gone but once I stopped after a week the smell returned. I finally gave in and after 3 weeks got the script from my doctor for BV. Of course it worked, it always does. I was just hoping that I could find a natural remedy that would work. I'm telling you this because although it didn't work for me, it might work for someone. This happens to me about once a year. This time it was because I douched. Never EVER EVER douche ladies, Never ever! I knew this already but had recently had a period and I had that lingering yucky old blood hanging around so I thought a vinegar douche (just this one time, I told myself) would be ok. The smell literally showed up the very next day. BV for me happened because I douched. It can happen for many reasons. I felt so gross, and I totally understand what these other women are going thru. It makes you feel dirty, disgusting and embarrassed. And I don't even want to think about having sex, or having someone, god forbid, go down on me. I hope to someday find a home remedy but for now I'm BV free until probably next year. Good luck ladies.


. Hey! Go to Walmart and try vH probiotics with probiotics and cranberry!!!!!!!!!! It’s like $8.99 and I’m on my second day and it has CHANGED MY LIFE. Good for curing and preventing B.B., yeast infection, bladder infection, uti and more!! I was put on birth control and got a NASTY yeast infection and uti and could not get rid of it even after treatment and then my period came and I was getting what I believe was bv.... the odor has stopped and the discharge. I also got vagisil ph balance intimate wash about $4.99 at Walmart and I have never felt so good. I’m 19 and never had these problems until my birth control .... .

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