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Hello I have read your problem and I have gone into same situations, I used to do regular workout and follow a very healthy diet which includes fruits. Suddenly I have started facing dizziness when I used to go college,in middle of classes, sometimes even after i have just woke. Weakness was at that level that I was not able to stand.I went for a low blood pressure checkup but my blood pressure was fine. I went to many allopathay doctors for my condition. They suggested me to have fruits but nothing worked out. I have undergone to many tests too like ct scan,MRI scan but nothing was improving my condition. Then my hopes was lost and one of my friend suggested me homeopathy treatment so I thought lets try out this one too. First few days I felt nothing was working and I am wasting my energy on this but after sometime I have noticed few changes in myself. I started feeling better and weakness without any reason has improved. Its been six months and now I do not feel dizziness and weakness. If you like you can try OM 10 VRT Formula. I hope you also see improvement.

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