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I have had wax build up problems for years due to the fact that I wear ear buds. It builds up fast and, mostly in the right ear but the left is sometimes just as bad. I always scheduled appointments with my Dr to get it flushed, she actually likes doing it and seems to always succeed when I see her. I moved to a new state and my Dr is nowhere near me, plus I hate waiting. I found this site and bought a home earwax removal lit, first I used warm olive oil, left it in my ear for about 30 mins and drained it out. I let it sit in my ear for a few hours and then used the peroxide formula in the box I bought and let that sit for about 30 mins. I mixed some vinegar in with warm water and it didn't even take 3 minutes for the wax to come out!! I was so relieved I could hear! This is definitely a fantastic method for those struggling with clogged ears.

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So it was just the vinager and water that got it out? I'm suffering right now

Barry Lemon

Thank god for this website. I was fed up at being treated like a burden by the doctor. Told to put olive ear in my ears for 2 weeks then come back. The doctor even had the nerve to tell me not to syringe my ears myself because only doctors should do it. Rubbish!

Well I tried the olive oil once and it made me ears worse. I couldn't hear properly after that for 2 days, so dreaded putting it in again.

Out of desperation I looked on-line. I then took the rubber bulb part of a lens blower brush, filled it with warm to hottish water and squirted it with force into my ear canal in each ear. With about 4 or 5 squirts in each, my ears cleared quite suddenly. The amount of wax that came out of my ears was frightening.

My ear canals definitely feel a bit sensitive and irritated now but I think that's because I used water that was too hot. At least I can hear again.

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