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Hey I'm from Pakistan. ACV didn't work for me .Then went to doctor n he prescribed podofilux 0.5\\% solutions. It's my 2nd day nd warts are falling.a little one has gone n bigger is now little

Sorry English is not my primary language.

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May i know how big your warts is?


Where can i get podoflex


Podofilox is good.


Podofilox only stops warts from dividing. it wont cause the warts you have to fall off.




Use 100\\% TCA on visible HPV warts carefully using precision Q-tip almost every night.

Do not get it on healthy skin. Let it dry.

Doctors will not be able to put it on as well as you can or as often.

It will hurt but external warts will fall off.

Crouch over magnifine glass+light to view your anus. Use paper towel in between anus everyday.

When warts are gone, do not have sex for one year.

Get an anoscopy after warts are gone or colonoscopy.

Don't get it done when warts are still there or some idiot doctors might push the virus further up your anus.


Kill external HPV warts = TCA solution (100\\% best)

Stop HPV warts from dividing = Podofilox

Internal HPV warts? - Surgery

Radiation therapy will kill cancerous cells (HPV infected cells)



HPV can cause Vaginal cancer, Anal cancer and Penile cancer (cancer of any gonads)

Some people will never experience symptoms of HPV and never develop cancer from HPV

Some people WILL develop HPV warts and clear the warts and never get cancer

Some people WILL develop HPV warts and never be able to clear them and still not get cancer

Some people WILL develop HPV warts and never be able to clear them and get cancer

Some people WILL develop HPV warts, clear the warts and later still develop cancer

Some people WILL NEVER develop HPV warts and and later in life develop genital get cancer

the WORST PEOPLE will HAVE HPV WARTS and STILL have SEX with people who are not infected

If you KNOW you have HPV warts, DO NOT have sex with others until you know your warts are completely gone but still use condoms.

HPV continues because some people do not know they have it and they pass it to others.

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