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I have tried everything from top to bottom. Vanilla worked, but it was definitely a gum burner. The best remedy I found was poking a hole in an advil liquid gel cap and squeezing the liquid into the cavity. It's the most vile taste and what I imagine liquid fire to taste like ( worse than moonshine or the vanilla), but it was by far the most effective until I got the teeth pulled out. I would not have been able to function the last 2 months without that little gem of advice. If you're in pain and reading this, I hope you find permanent relief soon!

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Tamala king

I've had a TOOTHACHE for bout 4 days i dont know if it's my teeth or my gums I'm in pain


Im in so much pain I have Been taking 8-10 pain relievers a day and still hurts smoking Medicinal Marijuana Helps alot with my pain i just bought the advil jell i am going to try the remedy right now after i will smoke a blunt and hope my pain goes away.


I just tried the Advil gel and my tooth instantly feels a lot better and your right the taste of

It is horrendous I have to figure out a way not to get it to drip on my tongue. Thanks for your help


This is a great remady it really works


Advil gel has given me the most relief of anything I've tried in the last 3 hours; am now sucking on a throat drop to diffuse the taste. I'm wondering how long it will last...


I just put 3-4 drops of Advil liquid gel on my bf back tooth and he instantly felt relieved. Thank you so much for the information on this. It really works.


It worked. No hopefully I can make it to Monday.

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