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After a month or so of slight pitched ringing in my right ear (kind of like having my finger in my ear) I wend to get some ear-drops from the pharmacy. Well they promised and delivered very little.I was of the opinion that they'd soften the wax enough to come out naturally while sleeping etc? But all I think it did was soften it enough to collect against my eardrum while my head was on its side :/

Sod it I thought, there's gotta be a way that works without seeing a GP...for more medication! Well this website came up with the answer :) I'd read enough times of warm olive oil and jets of warm water for it not to work. So after purchasing a syringe, a pipette and small bottle of olive oil I was 'tooled up' enough to give it a go.

Warmed up the bulb of the pipette full of olive oil and dripped it into the ear. Waited for approx ten or so mins before massaging it into my ear with my fingertip, then emptying it out. Used a hair dryer on low to warm up the ear canal in an effort to soften up as much as possible. Now for squirts of warm water from the syringe. Over the sink started gently with the warm water from the syringe, slowly applying more pressure until I was literally firing squirts of three blasts into the ear canal. Well a few loose 'bits' were visible around the syringe nozzle then OMG, a block around 8x8mm fell into the sink. I could tell there was more wax in there so applied more warm oil before repeating the exercise. After approx 15-20 more squirts (blasts of three) two more blocks of about the same size came out followed by 'debris' (bluuurk)

Thank god I found this site as it has turned my hearing around. I can't believe how LOUD everything is now! Thanks to all who submitted a home remedy, it sorted me out a treat :)

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Yes, it's easy to do provided a bit of common sense is used...go easy on the pressure, though...better to spend half an hour doing it gently thait is to rush using too much force.

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