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I've tried several of the suggestions listed here: toothpaste didn't work, campho phenique didn't work, potato slices didn't work. The only thing that worked, once, was applying aloe vera pulp, covering it overnight. That time, it opened in about 16 hours. Currently, I have one on my leg, going on almost a week. I've tried all of the things I already listed. I think it hasn't been ready to open, thus, it hasn't. So, I just did the aloe vera thing again, except this time, I sprinkled turmeric all over the aloe, then covered it with a non-absorbing gauze so the aloe will be absorbed by my skin and not the bandages. If anyone has any suggestions or advice as to what I may be doing wrong, I'd love to hear it. I'll try just about anything to avoid going to the ER. Thanks and if any progress, I'll post an update!

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Folks over on another thread about abscesses were raving about a poultice of 2 parts tumeric powder, 2 parts baking soda and 2 parts coconut oil. Mix it up and apply to affected area; and the affected area they were dealing with is rather sensation so it should be OK for you leg.


Cacao fruit can do... the pulp of cacao fruit just spread it over to the affected area (just shred it very finely)till it dry then change to mew one until ur abscess burst...


A doctor, once suggested to make a wet dry compress. Epsom salt super solution, (remember science class) I get those flat cotton things, one uses to remove makeup. I make the super solution, and dip that in there, then put gauze over the location, then tape it up. Hot compresses as much as I can stand it. After about 4 hours, remove gauze and rinse off in the shower, clean area, and then I do ichthammol (black salve) gauze it up, more heat. The more it comes to the surface the more painful it tends to get. Keep at it, and it will go. Everytime I remove the bandaging, I jump in the shower, and let the water hit the affected area as hot as I can stand. Goodluck everyone.

Ally H-G

This is from a UK site: ilon Salbe classic – the powerful green ointment!

Powerful against inflammations of the skin.

Naturally gentle to your skin.

Well proven since 1929, ilon Salbe classic ointment is a strong ally in the fight against slight or severe inflammations of the skin and a natural alternative for the “black” drawing ointment.

I have just had something on my elbow and it took nearly a week to come up. You need to put the ointment on, then plaster or bandage. It must be given days to work. Do not take it off until it opens, renew every 24 hours or twice a day. The ointment is from Germany, and as a former German in Australia I order direct from Germany. Maybe you need to find a German speaker to order it from an internationally supplying pharmacy in Germany.

What is mentioned up there as the black drawing ointment is called Zugsalbe in German - both a generic and a brand name that you can search. It is available from internet pharmacies also. From memory it is even more efficient than the green ointment. Procedure is the same, leave on until it opens. I haven't had many problems in the last couple of years, but have now started to eat eggs again which tends to bring out these things - will now have to stop again.


If you truly wave it to come to a head in no time when it good and throbbing right away do a good hour compress right before bed or nap and do it a few good times then leave it on there age let it get ice cold and stay on there a good 4hrs it will bust normally just me getting up and and moving but if not very easy

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