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Col. Hogan

Goodies Headache Powder (2 packs) in a 1/2 glass warm water. Several small sips and swish and the pain will stop for an hour or so

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I have 3 teeth at the minute that are really painful, two had cracks, the biggest crack got filled in, but the dentist left the smaller crack (don't know why). The one with the filling feels swollen and I now have a lump on my jaw (not near my jaw bone literally on the bone!) The tooth with the exposed nerve keeps giving me a very horrible sudden shock, sometimes 1 every 10 minuts and sometimes 7 shocks in one minute. The tooth above the one with the filling is also painful but bearable. I've been coping with taking codeine, paracetamol, ibuprofen, pain killers, and drinking lemsip because somehow it works. I can't deal with the shock pain any longer!!!! I can't eat or sleep, only 6 days to go until I get it taken out but the pain is so horrible!!!


BC powder also helps for a short time


I dump BC undiluted directly on the works briefly,but after a few of them the aspirin will burn your guns.


I take bc powder daily. It is a fast acting pain reducer, but be wise when using it can cause ulcers if too much is taken.

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