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The main problem that gives me a outbreak is stress or anxiety. The best thing to do is trick my immune system into believing I'm okay. Those pills the doctor gave me only helps if an outbreak occurs but I've noticed it still lasted 7-8 days.... So I did years of research.... When I notice an outbreak is coming I use tiger balm on the affected area. I also take Valerian root vitamins to calm my nerves. It disappears in less than a day.... I sometimes just take the vitamins to avoid any outbreak period if I'm under stress. FYI, l-lysol seems to work only if a outbreak occurs faster than valtrex....idky, but it does for me...hope this helps...remember, everything doesn't work for everyone....try new things n see if it works for you. Good luck loves.

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L-lysol will hurt like hell.

L-lySINE will not.

One of these things is an amino acid.

Thanx for the chuckle.????

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