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Miss New Booty

Sorry for any graphic descriptions ahead:

I have visited this thread many times. A little backstory on me: I'm 27yo single mom of 1, 110 lbs. When I was pregnant, I was blessed with hemorrhoids. They were THEE worst. I was assured by my doctor that they would go away. Well, they shrank, but left giant skin tags surrounding my rectum. My buttonhole literally looks like a flower, only it's not pretty at all. The tags are significant in size. One, closest to my vaginal area, is literally the size of a quarter. And it's not just a neat little tag either; it's folded around the curve of my butthole, so no matter how hard I tried the flossing/banding method, there was no way it was going to heal right even if it did work, but the stupid floss wouldn't stay on it for more than a night anyway. I've gone in and out of phases with dealing with the tags. I"ve had sex where I've worried about them being noticed, and it's so god-awful embarassing. And now that I'm entering a new relationship, with sex on the horizon, he's bound to notice that my backside isn't what a typical backside looks like. And not to toot my own horn (no pun intended), but I have a very full butt, and he loves that, so I mean...he's going to want to go exploring, you know? And the thing is, I WANT to be comfortable enough to let him. Not only that, but they are literally a pain in the arse to keep clean. They get irritated, they can cause's just a terrible problem to have, and I'm glad I found this board because it has made me feel better and given me hope.

ANYWAY. Tonight, I was examining everything, and I noticed a brand-new little tag popping up, almost from inside the rectum. It wasn't inside, but it was close. It was in a very tender spot. It was small and bright pink. And the sight of it flipped me into a rage. I gathered what supplies I had - brand new cuticle cutters, hydrogen peroxide, and gauze. And I cut that tag out. It was surrounded by other tags that are older and less sensitive, but for some reason, that little tag just pushed me over the edge. It pinched sharply for just a few seconds. And then it was gone. Almost like popping a big sensitive zit. I'm not afraid of blood at all, but the blood was bright red and there was quite a bit of it for such a small tag. I quit trying to absorb it with gauze and instead just hopped into the shower and cleaned the whole area, patted it dry with a clean towel, used gauze to put more hydrogen peroxide on it, and packed it with gauze, and it wasn't bleeding at all. Doesn't hurt a single bit right now, and I just did it ten minutes ago. I"m laying on my tummy to reduce blood flow. Tomorrow, I am going to get the Emla numbing stuff that someone mentioned, and some Neosporin, and I'm going to tackle the biggest tag. Once it's done, I know I will feel so liberated, so long as it is properly cared for and kept clean.

I am not a doctor - though I have been to one since this tag situation arose four years ago, and he a) made me feel SO embarrassed and b) told me that if I demanded surgery, it wouldn't be covered by insurance and I would be laid up for TWO to SIX WEEKS (like, literally unable to work). Um, no. So I tried everything: herbal treatments, ACV (which hurt and irritated the crap out of my skin around the tags - it's kinda hard not to let it have contact when it's between your friggin' BUTT CHEEKS - and even clear nail polish. None of them were strong enough for these very prominent skin tags. They might work on smaller ones, but for people like me, it seems like CAREFULLY cutting them off is a less painful, faster option. I wish you all the best of luck, and I'll keep you posted on my journey to hopefully a more normal-looking butt. Cheers!

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Best of luck. I wish I had your courage. I definately have skin tags however went to my Doc last week and she diagnosed genital warts. I am married and we have been together for 20 years. My husband insists that he hasn't had an affair and I certainly haven't so not sure where genital warts would have come from! Anyway as Doc insisted, I put the treatment for gential warts on the skin tag and OMG the pain. The tags are now tender and enflamed with yellowish tops. I am heading back to the doc to tell her she has misdaignosed me and to get referred to have them removed that is if I can live with the pain in the meantime. Feel like grabbing a scissors or clippers at the moment.


So funny! I have had a bright pink tag on my anus since i could remember! I didnt know if it was a hermmorroid i just never gave it much thought..then when i was waxing myself for the first time there today i was like wtf is this little skinny flap and i only JUST found out (at 29) that its a tag. I spent 2 hours solo trying to tie a piece of thread on it to cut of circulation. Hopefully it willdie and fall off. Its the only one i have, but i amglad to see someone cut it off and survived. lol Thanks!


OP here:

So...long story short, I completely wussed out on cutting the large tag off. The tag, and the base of the tag, was just too thick, even though I bought extra sharp, brand new scissors today. I tried, but was so afraid of all the pain and ending up with a large open wound that I completely broke down bawling. Even with all the preparation and determination I had, I've just decided to seek out a different doctor. For now, I'm going back to the tying off method. These things just HAVE to come off. Especially the big one. I wish I had better news to report, you guys :( stay tuned.


I've found my people! whats the latest with the tag!??


OP here..Well...I kind of decided to take a breather from messing with it. Tying it off just doesn't work, the way it's shaped, the thread just won't stay on and while it is tight enough, it's so uncomfortable. I'm going to see a different doctor in January, and hopefully she will be more helpful. Sometimes I get the urge to just chop it off and deal with the consequences because it's so frustrating and embarrassing, and it is a huge nuisance, as I'm sure you all know.

Stay tuned. I won't forget about this thread, it has helped me a lot in making me feel less alone in this!


I've had one since was 16 (37 yrs currently). Now I have a second one. I'm single. I've been able to tuck them back into my rectum when I'm going to have sex and pry them out afterwards. Surgery is my only option as they are each the size of a nickel

tired of this tag

I am dealing with trying to tie off my skin tag now. Mine has grown so large over the past 12 yrs that I just am so frustrated with it at this point. For anyone who had been successful with it falling off from tying it..... can you explain in as much detail as possible, what its supposed to look like? Today is day 2 and the pain has subsided significantly but it still has a pinkish color to it and I feel like the floss is cutting skin. I figure thats normal buy would love to have someone confirm.


Hi everyone

I was diagnosed with internal and external hemorrhoid at 22 , (24now )it was so big that I had to go to the hospital and surgically remove it .. going to the doctor was the most embarrassing moment of my life as he asked me to hop on the bed and bend over and started to spread my cheeks to take a look at it then put on some numbing cream and inserted some kind of expander , I was horrified .. he gave some medicine to empty my stomach and send me home , my surgery was at 7 am the next day and took 45 minutes and I was up right after but as soon as I got up I was in so much pain and my whole body specially my face around the nose and lips area were itching so bad and they told me it's cause of morphine so the shoot me with some more morphine and I slept for 3 hours and was sent home .

my actual pain started after the surgery when I was left with an open wound , going to the bathroom every morning was a torture and it took a long 3 weeks for me to get back on my feet , every time after passing stool I had to put on a rubber glove and clean the area with betadine n insert 3 types of ointments and sit in a pan of warm betadine water for 15 minutes , it became so unbearable that I didn't want to drink my soup to pass motion and I went on a juice diet for three weeks and started healing slowly ,but I still couldnt walk for a long distance , only from my room to the bathroom in doggy position , if I stood right up I could feel a sharp pulling inside my rectum following a burning sensation and that was the worsth thing I went throu in my whole existence .. I am from turkey and done my surgery there , my doctor told me my internals would appear when I get pregnant , I moved to Malaysia last year to continue my studies and found it I could simply remove it clinically with laser n get well in few days pain free , right now I have a small bump the size of pinky nail on the side and after reading about the tie I went for it , it was so struggling to tie that little thing , the easiest way I could find was getting a help from a hair pin to get a hold of it and tie around it with a thin thread , at this time am not feeling pain at all , just a slight pressure so am hopping that is gonna get chopped in 2 days .. am so glad to find this page and thank you all for sharing , sorry for the bad English and grammar , am still learning English in uni before I can start my course , hope you all get well soon


Had to share my experience because your post helped me so much! I’ve had a small Anal skin tag for a while now, months not years. It was about the size of half an almond and after reading this thread I decided to tie mine off with dental floss. I tied it on a Saturday afternoon. It was hard to get the initial one on there, but once I did I tied one more immediately after. It was uncomfortable but not painful. A day later i felt I didn’t have any change, so maybe the tie loosened. I did another tie and tried to do it tighter. At this point the shape changed and I saw a clear difference between the tag and my anus. It made it easier to tie another. By now it is Wednesday afternoon and after about 4 ties, tighter each time, it FINALLY turned black. I wondered if it ever would! I bought orajel, gauze pads, cuticle cutters and felt more confident than ever since it turned black. I snipped it off! It didn’t really hurt just a little pinch. Holy moly it feels amazing to have this thing off! I was getting very self conscious with my new partner and am so grateful to be rid of it! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!!


I just tied mine with dental floss but im worried I didnt do it tight enough and that nothing will happen. I just got out of a very long relationship and im single and just started seeing someone. I want this gone before I see him next week!!! Im so nervous it wont go away by then. Will keep you all posted!

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