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Melanie RN, Case Manager

Homeopathic Vit C 250 mg each night x 7 nights did not work. (I am 55, perimenopausal, treating with anti-aging doctor ((since 2010)), using SottoPelle every 2.5 months, progesterone by mouth every night and T3T4 compounded to treat hypothyroidism. I also grow my own kefir grains and on very high (live) probiotic, fermented/resistant starch food lifestyle). I also tried the organic apple vinegar tampons x days. I was spotting too and it was getting heavier, therefore increasing my concerns. The odor was relentless, causing me to want to stay at home.

I wound up proceeding with the clindomycin (did not want too-and did have side affect..= morning after nausea, extreme heartburn that disrupted sleep, irritability) as my antiaging doc told me the spotting was caused by the BV. After not having a period since 2010, growing tired of changing pads and getting pissy from limited sex.....i opted to follow her advice. The spotting has now significantly decreased. The odor disappeared the day after initial clindomycin dose 11.30 ( was on probiotics too).

Will start the Vit C insertion. Continue my high probiotic diet. Return to making sure after sex, I take extra shot of my "critters" --live probiotics/kefir.

My question is:

1. Did anyone else have spotting with their BV?

2. Has anyone else found that high probiotic diet is a significant factor in keeping vaginal secretions at acid level.

3. Any feedback, additional comments are much appreciated,


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Hello, I'm a 27 year old female who played a lot of dirty sports for a lot of years and dealt with bacterial issues aaaalllllll of high school and college (I was a softball catcher.) The dirt in there was nothing good for me, bacteria-wise. The thing that makes bacterial issues hard to deal with in your area is that that particular area has certain bacteria that it DOES need. Because lady parts need bacteria, antibiotics are a bad choice- they'll kill it all, not just the bad stuff. The pH level down there is more affected by environment and diet than by your immune system, so vitamin C isn't going to do anything either. What you gotta do is see that the pH of that area is HIGHLY susceptible to acid, whether eaten or drank (that area is way more alkaline than anything). The best thing to do for this is to eat a whoooole high dose of GOOD (refrigerated) probiotics for a few days (one good size dose after Every meal.) This should knock out the initial issue and get your back to a decent alkalinity ("good" bacteria is just alkaline instead of acidic.) Mind you, your guts will be moving like crazy for those days but hey, keep hydrated and you'll be fine. After that, it's all about diet. To keep yourself from developing issues in the future, eat a probiotic or two daily after meals and take these acidic things out of your diet: tomato sauce, orange/grapefruit juice (ANY processed fruit juice because Sugar is the worst thing for acid), processed fats, coffee, soda and anything which personally causes acid problems for you (for me, hot water will literally get my acid going.) Foods which raise alkalinity: Fat free, PLAIN flavored Greek Yogurt (Low Sugar*** but NOT fake sugar) or Kefir (eastern European liquid yogurt-like drink) Spinach, raw vegetables, grains, whole fats (nuts, beans, olive oil)

Hope this helps!


***Same person as above: Yes, I did have BV bad enough to spot a few times. It gets rough in there.

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