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I suffered a carbuncle in under my arm for the past FIVE years. I hear your pain about the boils!!! I searched & experimented with everything I could find that might help online. I gave each thing I tried ample amount of time to work & nothing seemed to clear it completely up & it continuously came back. At the very best it would start looking better but never quite go away. It looked like a bruised area that would fill up if I let up with whatever remedy I was trying at the time. And my arm & shoulder would hurt. I almost gave up several times. I even tried antibiotics in high doses which would make it almost go away but the minute I stopped taking them it would blow back up again. I have to admit that several times in frustration & agony I would cry & ask myself is this what is going to kill me? Because as far as I could tell, up to this point, nothing I did made it go away & stay away. During times while searching & reading everything I could online, I always swore I would tell the world if I ever figured out what would work. I know several people who suffer with boils & thus far no Dr has been able to clear them up.

Well, guess what!?!?? I have came back to share some really awesome news!!! My carbuncle is almost completely gone. I have not seen this area on my arm look this well in 5 years!!! The color is all back to normal. I have scarring where the boil drained during several of my bouts with it but I expect those to clear up more to as it can now complete its healing process. YES!!!!


First, if the boil has not drained, TURMERIC will drain it fast if you use the remedy where you heat a mixture of 1 TBSP COCONUT OIL to 1 tsp TUMERIC & a few dashes of BLACK PEPPER. Heat that in a double boiler. I put it in a measuring cup & set it in a small pan with water in it & heated the water to boiling. Let it boil for 15 minutes, then cool before taking it. I took a 1/2 tsp & it starts draining within the hour.

You can buy all of these through Amazon for not very much! My home will never be without them after I have seen this miracle. I can not believe it is working so well after all I have tried! I started putting this on it before it even started draining & I put it on at least twice a day. Put a couple of drops of LAVENDER OIL on your finger & rub it on it, then rub on a couple of drops of FRANKINSENCE OIL & then a couple of drops of MYRRH. Also, mI'm taking BLACK SEED OIL as a part of my daily regime. I take 1 tsp a day. This works so well!!! Prepare to be amazed!!! I will never be plagued by those nasty painful tings again & neither will you!!! Wishing you all happy healthy wonderful lives!!!!!!!

P.S. When you try this & see how well it works, please pass it on to others!!! People need to know that there is help for these things & it doesn't include letting a Dr mash it into a carbuncle for you. Mine was 1 boil before I went to the Dr. After he mashed around on it & it was extremely painful for him to do that, it turned into 4 or 5 in a row. Then he wanted to talk about cutting them out! And I had a skin specialist tell me that it would just come back if they cut it out. There was no solution to be found there.

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Probably a dumb question, but did you rub this on it, or eat it?


You saved me.

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