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So my rescue kitten gave me ringworm. The vet told me she had allergies which undoubted and then completely disregarded once a few lesions erupted on me. I used a medicated shampoo, ACV Coconut oil and anti itch spray. They were working for me but my poor girl was still scratching like crazy. She had rubbed all the fur off her nose, sides of her face, chin, paws and armpits. I think the coconut oil was too thin and the application of ACV not broad enough. So. I bathed her every 3 days with the medicated shampoo in ACV water. Id let her dry that day and then not mess with her until before bed. At that time I would wipe her entire body down with a washcloth dipped in ACV water. I wouldn't soak her but I made sure the most affected areas had ACV on the skin. Then I mixed aquaphor, coconut oil, and anti itch spray on her after it dried. Had to be careful not to put too much because she with her fur being coated I don't think it was ideal for being warm. In 2 days she has stopped itching, her hair is growing back and she purrs like a motor. I was thinking about incorporating tea tree oil on just her head, no need to now but just a thought.

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