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Awesome remedy .. I don't even have complete ingredients just mixed turmeric and coconut oil . Kept it around 10pm and woke at 2am to check how it is, the lump became soft but it's still paining then I had a shitz bath and kept the paste of turmeric and coconut oil again and slept. This morning as I woke up was stinking like hell, that's when I realized the big lump burst open and there was no pain at the moment. Thank you so much. God Bless you all.

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Anonymous 4414

How long did it take to heal after it burst? I had an anal abcess since June. I burst and I finished the antibiotics but it's almost 6 months later and it still drains. How long does it take to heal? Any home remedies to help it heal?


I asked my dr he said it can always come back. I am in so much pain. I had this back in feb and again now since fri dec 1 i put on hot cotton swabs to make it drain and it does help a liitle i am now trying the tumeric with coconut oil. Hope it works i still dont understand why we get this


Hello My friend is on day 5..he has been on antibiotics now for 2 days, and he is in still so much pain! We went to the ER yesterday they said that we have to wait for a surgeon to contact us to have it drained and sent us home, told us to take a warm hot bath and have patience. We tried the Tumeric paste last night and left it on for 2.5 hours. This morning he said that it is stinging. I'm hoping that this is a good sign that that it will pop soon? Someone please help us. :(

Ragini Raghuram

I don't have a any hole for drainage of the abscess. If I apply the paste, will the drainage opening will create on its own?


I apply above said's drain ed.but but not fully. Plz help me again and again every day have to apply the termeric paste?


can you tell me how to apply the paste? Is it that you have to push it through your finger in the rectum and trace the place where the abcess is an apply on it? if thats so then its difficult to push the paste to the abscess. Could some one guide


I believe I have an anal abcess that has worked through to my inner butt cheek near the vagina. It went down ans came back with more pressure & terrible pain. The doctor told me to come back in if it still bothered me. It was gone after a surgery not related to this problem and being on antibiotics. Now it was so full it formed a bubble in an area that felt like thinner skin from all the pressure that wouldn't go down when I pushed on it. I sat on the toilet today and noticed that the area was leaking. I put minor pressure on it and clear-pinkish fluid came out. There was no smell at all. Can I try this paste on the area still eventhough it formed a small opening? Not too much is coming out, but the pain is still there.

I have all these ingedients in the house. I'm in my 30's and am a healthy person otherwise.


It took almost 2 years to cure the anal abscess/fistula I had. As long as there is pus keep applying tumeric paste and soak in baking soda and salt or Epsom salt. Make sure to wipe least amount possible and.instead wash with soap and water after each bowl movement.


To add to my above post. When infected it would swell and burst daily for about 4-6 months before I was left with a fistula. Which took a little over a year to heal that one.I tried everything I found online. Raw garlic vit c pills homeopathic pills was a mix of 3 pills. I believe the tumeric with teatree oil and water helped get rid of infections along with soaks in baking soda and salt or Epsom salt.the fistula nothing but time an no straining helped cure that.

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