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This remedy works wonders! I had this painful lump close beside my ass for a week and it was getting worse by the day. At first when the swollen lump was not that obvious, the doctor and I suspected that it was hemarrhoids. I was spamming painkillers and gels but they were only effective for a few hours. I was even worried I'll get a drug overdose, until I came across this incredible site!

I followed the instructions based on previous reviews, except that I didn't have tea tree oil at home. My mum surprisingly had the turmeric powder, baking soda and coconut oil in her inventory, and I mixed an equivalent portion of each ingredient in a small container. The semi-thick paste will turn out to be a dark brown color. It looks like shit but it smells mecidinal and wasn't that bad. I then applied a few layers on the lump, before sleeping with my face down and ass up. When I woke up, I was disappointed that the lump did not burst. Instead, the pain got worse. I applied more of the poultice but it just didn't explode. 24 hours later, I felt the worst pain in my life ever. It was like childbirth and I was praying so hard for the pain to go away. It was so unbearable that I took a big dose of painkillers so that I could get some sleep.

The next morning, I felt a tinge of wetness in my undies. When I took my undies off and saw a big splat of yellowish pus on it, I was so excited that I didn't even realize the pain has significantly subsided. By the way, the pus had a really nasty smell and it was so much that it soiled my bedsheets. I then went to the bathroom and squeezed on the lump for residual pus to come out. When all was done, I felt like a new man. The pain was 95\\% gone, with slight pain coming from the aftermath wound of the explosion. The feeling was terrific because I didn't need to crunch when I walk or to hold my breath whenever my ass contracts from sneezing, peeing or shitting.

As you would observe, this remedy works on people with different durations. Be patient and don't despair. For me, it took some 30 hours before the lump got really swollen. It felt very scary when the lump started to harden, but in hindsight, it meant that the poultice is working and is actively aggravating the inflamed wound to force it to eventually burst like a balloon. The thought of not having to get a surgeon to cut me open for the pus to be discharged is a big relief. I hope this works for whoever is using this remedy too. Best of luck!

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I have a big painful lump nd it doesn't have any hole for drainage. If I apply this oil and turmeric paste will it make a hole itself when it bursts?


The paste won't make the hole. It will cause the pus inside the lump to enlarge in size such that it forces its way out of the skin, hence a 'hole'. After the initial burst, proper care needs to be taken to ensure that a gauze or something similar is pressed against the wound to allow further drainage and to avoid infection from the outside.


i had a similar painful lump and now it got burst and the pus is coming out in short intervals. Can i use tea tree oil and turmeric to heal the wound ? is it going to be very painful ? how long will it take to heal the wound completely


The paste does not do so much as to heal, but to aggravate the abscess to cause it to burst. If after a while, the wound closes and develops a lump again, you could apply the paste again for another round of aggravation. For me, after two weeks of the initial explosion, a pea-sized abscess (much smaller than the initial size) developed and I squeezed it like a pimple for the pus to come out, with ease and without the need for re-application of the paste. As this is a home remedy and it is difficult to entirely clear out the pus, i would think it will take time to heal completely. Since my first posting, I can still feel a very very slight lump though it causes me no trouble at all and it's getting smaller by the day.


Any substitute for turmeric powder? I've seen that curry powder and cumin are subs when cooking and curry powder is predominatly turmeric, but I'm hesistant to use either of the in the paste.


Not sure about the science behind turmeric powder so better to stick to this ingredient.


I have been using turmeric baking powder and coconut oil mixture since three days and nothing happened. How long will it take to heal the abscess.

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