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I was in so much pain for a bout two hours may be then I Google how to get rride of gum and tooth pain home remedies and all this stuff came up but I keep seeing salt and baking soda so that's wat I used so I took salt , baking soda and some crest toothpaste mixed it all together and bursh my teeth instealy the pain was (GONE) PAIN FREE ALMOST ONE HOUR

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Had Aquafresh at home so I used that with salt and baking soda. Definitely relieved most of my gum pain. Wow!


Im in so much pain. Bout to give this a try. Pray for me


Awesome!!!! I was in so much pain and I was crying! But Thank God for this remedy that helped me.

Sandy S

When my gum pain kept coming back, I realized that I kept re-infecting by using the same toothbrush. So I started cleaning my toothbrush after each brushing. And got rid of my gum infection.


Wow! I just got braces today and after 8 hours of having them on I was in agony. I still have a little gum pain, but it's SOOOO much better after this. Thanks Marie!


If it is caused by tartar, you could try Gum Remedy from

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