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I was in so much pain for a bout two hours may be then I Google how to get rride of gum and tooth pain home remedies and all this stuff came up but I keep seeing salt and baking soda so that's wat I used so I took salt , baking soda and some crest toothpaste mixed it all together and bursh my teeth instealy the pain was (GONE) PAIN FREE ALMOST ONE HOUR

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Dude this is so legit! The while ledtvside of my mouth had sore gums for whatever reason and it was just agony getting worse and worse for hours. Couldn't fall asleep as badly as I wanted to. Even took a cocktail of ibuprofen and Tylenol and Nada. I mixed salt and baking powder with crest (since it's what I had) and opted to rub it all over my teeth and gums with my finger instead of brush... MAGIC! I swished dome mouthwash just for good measure. They still feel a tad tender but that's it. Sleep here I come! You're my hero person who posted this!


Edits- whole left side of my mouth* baking soda*

Too tired to function lol


Chewing peanuts can clear your gums for growth.


Doesn't this burn your gums


I was In pain with my gums lower left side. Usually goes away with rinsing in cold water. This time it didn't.,can't sleep cause soon as I layed down it got worse nothing worse than being tired and wanting to sleep but can't . So I tried the baking soda, salt and crest toothpaste.brushed my teeth with this. Rinsed well with cold water. Pain was gone, I was so surprised .,slept from 4:00 to 9:00 with no pain. Still no pain when I woke ip. Thank you so. Much for this pain eliminating remedy ..January 19..2017.


I just try the baking soda and salt and crest toothpaste and i am praying for it to work because I haven't eaten anything in 2 days so i will let yall if it works


I found baking soda , salt and crest toothpaste no longer working. (Mixture of this on gums or brush teeth with this.)So gargles with salt water then mouthwash. Returned to sipping cold water leave cold water over gum.,pain for about six hours but the cold water relieved this thank goodness.,after six hours pain gone. Was able to eat some thing, toast with tuna. Gum no longer hurt to chew. Then wanted to go to sleep gum started to ache a know what got rid of that? Took a facecloth rinsed with hot tap water placed on outside of jaw face, did this about two times in five minutes. Lay in bed with hot facecloth, took the pain away. Slept for about 9 hours no pain, good sleep. Got up and no pain was able to go out and walk to stores , shop for two hours, still no pain, home still no pain.,I guess a good rule is to just keep mouth and gums clean to alleviate this condition. I was scared. Such pain felt like I was hit in the jaw. Thank god for this website. I will be purchasing a more medicated mouthwash for me to rinse with, beats the expensive price of going to the dentist.


If you have gum pain and you can't eat...try soft foods,like rice pudding. Macaroni and cheese, cut up burger into small pieces, tuna and mayo, eggs mashed up with mayo,i was having cold soup, bland soup I had French Canadian pea soup. May try chicken broth. cold coffee no sugar. Sip coffee with a straw. My two egg Coktail came in really handy. Two raw eggs, half cup milk, half banana two tbsp wheat germ.,blend together. Then drink. This eliminates a hungry belly. For a while...This tastes like eggnog but more healthy.all foods must be cold, no sugar or spices which will only irritate the problem. For fruit it made a smoothie mashed up some apples into a purée in blender add other fruits. Eat with spoon.( this is just terrible isn't it, you start to feel like an infant) but the thing is you need your nourishment, not eating will just make you worse than you already are. I comtinued to take my vitamins with cold water. I found gingerale to be a nice drink to have for this affliction.for ice water I put a bottle of cold water into freezer Til it ices up then take out and drink. I just bought some vanilla ice cream, and plain instant oatmeal.,going to try these. Please eat something and good luck...


Worked instantly think you


I NEVER comment on anything but I had to this time because this instantly worked and made my tooth feel 10 times better. It will at least hold me off until morning to see my dentist !!

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