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So sick of this thing!!

I can't take it anymore!!! Hard to clean skin tag the size of a peanut has plagued my behind for over a year, I have spent the last couple days poring over forums on how to resolve this issue at home(DIY).. Friday I painfully put 3 small rubber bands(for very ends of hair) over the growth (doubled rubber bands).. Shooting pains!! Ouch!! Laid around miserably till I fell asleep, woke up and was not quite as uncomfortable when not moving, it's now Sunday afternoon and I attempted to numb area with an ice cube, apply Orange, use an art scalpel, and slice off, HECK NO was this happening today!! Got the heebee geebees, washed up area , actually removed two of the rubber bands, still have main one on, as I read from others I do think the pain is more the skin underneath and around the band . I am going to leave everything alone for now, will keep updating!

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Omg, didn't proofread, was supposed to be ORAGEL NOT ORANGE!!! Lol!


Well, it's Thursday. Still has not fallen off, hurts too much to try tying it with dental floss... Annoying..


I'm going to attempt cutting it off later tonight. Its so incredibly embarrassing, but I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person with this nightmare of a problem! I'm too scared of all the bad things I've read about the tie method!


Ridiculous, just tied second piece of dental floss around this miserable thing, been weeks!! I am NOT giving up...


Omg!! Finally!! Been using dental floss, it FINALLY is turning black(gross but yay!) definitely isn't smelling like roses! I am able to turn the growth halfway around, was going to TRY to cut off but I'm a chicken!!!


Did you ever get it off??


I gotta know!!! Did it come off???


I'm going to order the tagband! Sick of this shit too. Did yours fall off?


Sorry I haven't posted , YES!!!!! It FINALLY came off , really gross, smelled awful! I was using the bathroom, wiping when I felt a sort of snap, I flushed that nasty little bugger right down the toilet!It had turned into a sort of tiny black cacoon thingy but still hadn't broken off. Well I can honestly say it was NOT a simple and quick ordeal.DON'T give up and stick with it. I have a smaller one I might tackle but I'm definitely not looking forward to it all over again. The area it came off from defiantly doesn't look like it did before, there is a bit of raised bits of skin but SOooo much better than before! No more troubles with area now, sigh of relief!!!

Sick of this thing

So btw, I ended up using the little rubber bands ,sewing thread, and dental floss! Geez, sounds so crazy now!! Lol!

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