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My daughter had a planter wart on her foot. I've read all of these posts. I tried duct tape,ACV, tea tree oil,lemon oil. She went from having 1 to 3 warts on her foot. I decided to try thyme oil and after 3 weeks all 3 warts are gone!!! I would soak her foot in warm water for about 10-15 min. Pat dry and put some thyme oil cotton ball and rub it on the wart. Put a sock on her foot. Eventually the skin started to loosen along with the wart. PAINLESS!! Thank you to everyone who recommended thyme oil!!! I used the NOW brand.

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Amanda, thank you so much, I am going to go to whole foods now and by thyme oil. I am so worried about my daughters warts, she began with ONE and it is size of a dime now, the other 3 are smaller. I have tried soaking, Neosporin the salysilic acid dots and nothing is working. I am off to buy the oil, thank you, I am so worried and just want this gone from her feet. It is painful and she even has a slight limp when walking, she is 5.

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