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I gave up using the anti-fungal creams because they didn't work long term and I was experiencing

side effects - however - I found something that totally cleared up my numerous ringworm patches;

it was so good, I actually visited the doctor and handed back my creams and tablets! (He wasn't impressed).

It's a cold pressed organic oil that retains all of the anti-fungal properties present in

coconuts and is safe to use anywhere on the body. The only drawback? You have to apply it about

4 times a day if your ringworm is a bad case. I found that when the patches first come up,

only a couple of times a day is required.

I'm not trying to sell this product but share my delight in finally finding something that

works without nasty chemicals. I bought this oil on Amazon. I think it's important to buy

the raw-milled product rather than any old coconut oil because of the processing.

RealFoodSource Certified Organic Raw Wet Milled Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Now in 500ml

HDPE Tubs (2 litre - 4 Tubs)

Wet Milling or Centrifuging Produces Oil from Wet Coconuts (No Drying of Coconut Flesh)

with Maximum Coconut Nutrients (Lauric Acid, Antioxidants)

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