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Son of a mother

Good day everyone!

Or actually should I say bad night, cause if your like me, (awake at 1-5 a.m searching Google for toothache remedies) its not such a "good" anything.

I've tried a lot of these.. Some temporarily work (2-5 min, huge hastle to have to keep repeating just for 2 min of relief, but if your desperate, your desperate. I know the pain these monsters cause), Others seem to only make it worse. BUT others have made a world of a difference for me. All night relief, sounds impossible at this point doesn't it? Ha, I know it.

First off a little background. I'm a 25 year old male, who's dealt with this for a very long time. As a teen I swayed in the wrong crowd and started smoking pot and drinking on a regular basis. Heck there'd be days we'd be up all night and have to go to school drunk. Lol. Needless to say I stopped caring about my dental hygiene,(no one likes to admit that but hey, thats what it was) I had great teeth up till about 6 years ago. Then shortly after school and getting into the work force. These pains were popping up. My number one remedy is percocet pain killers and amoxicillin capsules. If you know a friend that just had a surgery of some sort and has leftovers I'd advise to give him a call. These will work among any other remedies I'm going to talk about. Sometimes we don't always get those luxuries though so this is how I dealt with them

-First off, brush those teeth. Even the hurting one. Just a light brush. All them germs will only make it harder for your remedies to work.

-Orajel. Oh my god this stuff was a savior to me, when I was having wisdom teeth pain this stuff saved my life it seemed, got them removed along with 7 other of my dang teeth as well.

-Aspirin,ibuprofen, and naproxen, whatever. Didn't always seem to work. Besides the aspirin , aspirin always seems to help. In my opinion, the strongest NSAID over the counter. Also, get the BC/Goody powders in aspirin. ( BC's asprin powders are in green packaging labeled arthritis reliever, 1,000 MG's per packet)

-Very cold WATER or ice. Don't try to get away with drinking sodas at this point. Trust me, makes it worse and hurts like a son of a mother!!

-Clove oil. Yes the stuff works. It was actually used in dentistry before our common anaesthetic's we have now. Use it like orajel. Just let it sit there and work its magic. (The Red Cross makes a kit you can buy at the dollar store that's pure clove oil for tooth aches)

-Alcohol. No not rubbing alcohol, don't go dumping that stuff in your mouth. Meaning sit back and have a few drinks of some good ole Jim or Jack. Bourbon always worked best for me. I DONT CARE what folks say DO NOT swish that around in your mouth hoping for it to numb. You will be crying. Your just trying to get a little tipsey here to numb from the inside. Try to bypass that tooth from making contact with the liquor as best as you can. Use a straw if you must. Lol (this method is sometimes a hit or miss for me, if it works it works, but sometimes its made me worse off once I start to sober up, go straight sleep after you achieve your buzz and its seeming to work. There's nothing more worse than a hangover plus a killer toothache, USE AT OWN RISK. Its usually my last option if all fail)

-Sensodyne toothpaste. Barely seems to work for me, one of those 2-5 min fixers (but hey, desperate times, desperate measures)

-Sticking your head under the faucet.

Sounds strange? Yes but these monsters hurt so much sometimes it'll make a grown man drop to his knees. Put the faucet on cold and just let the tooth be exposed to running cold water for awhile. only Done this once and It worked for me on that bad day and will go away for weeks after(for me). (Please don't drown yourself) LOL!

-Raw onion. Okay, this seems a little too far fetched, but its done its magic on my end. I've literally fell asleep with a raw onion in my mouth and woke up and be A-okay! (The wife won't like it too much, but hey your dealing with it soooo?)

-Tobacco leaves. Not dip or snus. I mean rip open a cigarette and suck on the tobacco, let the juices sit over the tooth. Its worked once or twice but its worth a shot every time to me. I've tried the dip, buddy of mine stayed over and I had a huge toothache the same night. Took his dip and tried this same thing and it made it hella worse. So.

-Lastly, Advil Lipquid Gels. I do not recommend letting over the counter meds sit on your teeth to numb. But these liquid gels seem a little different. I poke a hole in the liquid gel and squeeze a little on the tooth and it seems to work like what would be extra extra strength orajel. Although its terrible for your teeth (desperate time, desperate measures though, as I've said) just don't make a habit out of it.


now, there I have given you the list of all of my personal remedies, some very strange and some so simple. Its all about tricking your Mechanoreceptors in your brain, which is connected to your Periodontal Ligament that sends the signals to the ceptors. Causing your mouth more trauma will not do the trick so much but only cause further more problems. Do not stick super glue or any other foreign artificial object in your mouth please.

Well that's about it. I'm getting all of my teeth taken out in 2 weeks and hopefully it will be my last experience with mouth pain. Just wanted to share my remedies and thoughts.


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Thank you I am going to try it ,what ever it takes the pain it's more painful then having babies I am sure you heard that before. From a woman anyway. ...LOL like you said more than a mother ____. And more importantly when you have no insurance and no money to expensive and I have a full-time job. .but it's like you have to choose feed your children's or pay your 200 monthly Co payment. .life it's no joke just like having this painful toothache,


Sitting (not laying cause it makes it unbearable) here at 3 am with another damn tooth problem! I chipped a tiny piece off one of my teeth a few weeks ago and here I am...playing the waiting game to call the dentist to have either a root canal or extraction...for the third time in 2 years!

Not to mention dealing with insomnia for the past few weeks. I'm getting my ass kicked right now by health problems! And I'm losing my mind.

Long story short, I had a nervous breakdown 4 years ago and have neglected my teeth because of several reasons related to anxiety and panic attacks.

So thanks to my mental illness I now have horrible teeth and am dealing with another dental emergency.

I was diagnosed with gingivitis and need to get a deep cleaning and several cavities filled. On top of all of this I have a small mouth and a god awful gag reflex! So I would almost rather get kicked in the balls repeatedly than go to the dentist!!!

So I'm probably looking at a horrible next 24 hours, all in time for the holidays!

I have taken advil and tylenol all day and nothing is working right now. I also brush, floss, use mouthwash obsessively every day, along with oragel. Nothing's working! Just wanted to vent...pray for me.

Toothless or about to be

The advice gel trick applied directly to the tooth worked....Immediately. Except I used CVS painkiller gel tabs. Stopped three days worth of pain in seconds. Thank you!


Does the cold water thing really work like putting you mouth under the faucet


I'm so glad I came across this thread. I have always had terrible teeth since I was a child. I have a calcium issue in my teeth and they crumble like chalk. As an adult, I haven't had much luck with decent dental insurance so we don't have any. Also don't have a couple thousand bucks laying around to spend on my teeth. So here's my problem,

I have an exposed root in the back tooth, up top. Thankfully it only hurts when I touch it with my something. Tooth brush, food, tongue or anything. It feels like I get struck by lightening every time. Chills all over my body and my whole body jumps in pain. It's unbelievable. I've never felt such pain in my mouth before and I've dealt with years or self medicating with norco and amoxicillin with severe toothaches. So my question is, what do I do now? I mean I know it has to get worse before it gets better. I'm scared that it's gonna start hurting oneday and it's not gonna stop. Is there anything I can do to push along this process of the root dying? I have plenty of teeth that the root finally died and I was fine after 3 days but I just have a feeling about this one, that maybe I can't handle it as well.


This man is nuts! My advice

Is see a professional Dentist or an Oral

Surgeon. Nerve pain should be treated

with a nerve medication...Gabapentin.

Home remedy would be to rest the nerve.

Talking too much, chewing too much,

getting upset or stressed aggravates the

nerve. Keep your mouth shut!! And,

believe it or not, a good cry does wonders!


Man it's been rough, to the point I want to blow my brains out. Something has got to work and I'm a recovering alcoholic and pill addict so those two are out of the question


I've been taking amoxicillin and ibuprofen but my tooth is still killing me. So bad to the point it shoots up my jawline, to my ear, and head. So I've finally made an appointment even though I KNOW I CAN'T AFFORD IT. My health is more important because my daughter needs her mom.


Thank you


Yes this sucks the electric shock just hit me out of nowhere. Literally thought a horrible exposed nerve in my molar was going to make me stroke out. And I'm also a recovering alcohol n drug addict and in a program that's keeping me from doing 5 years so yeah def those are out of the question. I took 2 BC powders and like 10 ibuprofen. Eased up some . but going to try the putting hole in it and applying on tooth. Even going to try packing the nerve with some clay like stuff used for fillings n such .

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