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Cool water enemas. Or tepid water enemas.

I have give my kids enemas for fevers. They always worked. The fever went down. Few times I repeated the enema about fours after the first enema.

Gave with a small rubber bulb syringe. Now older given with the red rubber bag.

Before giving enemas or home remedies, check with doctor if ok to give.

My mom gave enemas as fever reducer. Always worked. Better than giving mess.

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Darn auto speller...

"Mess" meant to be "MEDS"


Enemas are a very good natural home remedy. No harsh chemicals. No medications.

They do not hurt.

Too bad moms today don't give them as much as years ago.

I have given a few enemas at home. Saved a trip to the doctor/ER many times.


You should only do an enema once everybso days. You are taking out all the good bacteria which is hurting your kids more than helping them. Just remember that not all bacteria is bad.


Every so days


Sick people; inappropriate to scar children

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