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For the past month or so I had tooth pain from a cavity and I kept the pain at bay by oil pulling with some coconut oil everyday. I don't know what the hell possessed me to stop but this past week or so the pain came back with a vengeance with it starting from my molar, spreading to my gums and then radiating towards the front of my mouth. The last two days were hell (especially nights) and I tried every remedy but nothing worked. But last night I read on a forum that elevating your head while you slept would prevent the rush of blood to it (and your teeth) and in theory prevent the pain. I swished with apple cider vinegar, then oil pulled with coconut oil, swished with listerine (the regular kind) and then with sea salt and baking soda. Took three ibuprofen and slept with my head elevated on 2 chair cushions along with two pillows and I am up at 4 am with virtually no pain at all. Im gonna keep doing this until I can get this tooth pulled but i hope this helps someone.

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Does this really work i tried tooth pain meds and still hurts like hell I try laying down same I sea salt every night I tryed every thing if you can help me out with this step bye step ill be happy its swelling bad I put warm water and cold didn't help

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