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Hi everyone im 29 weeks pregnant and suffering with perianal abscess/ crying with pain...i cant walk or sit...just been in bed for the past 5 days..its so difficult going toilet..i tried the tumeric paste with coconut oil and tea tree but its gone it meant to get bigger. Theres no head to it either. I dont know what to so upset because ive lost my appetite with severe pain and my baby is not getting nutrients. Should i try the paste again tonight?

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Go get the kultab tablet available nearest medical, of company i guess millennium herbal care. It works.


Go to the doctor ASAP!!


You absolutely must go to your nearest emergency room today. If you're pregnant, your immune system is already compromised and if the infection gets into your bloodstream, your baby (+ you too) could be dead. I had an abscess on my left hip and right lower back when I was pregnant. They didn't want to take any chances and I was hospitalized for a week until it cleared. I'm sure you figured it out by now as it's been almost a year, but my response is directed to anyone else who may be reading and in a similar situation. Please don't risk your baby's health and life. Now is not the time to be playing medicine man. Plus, many essential oils and things from nature are very unsafe for baby. Please do the right thing

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