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My sister has suffered from RLS for many years. Last year she came upon this combination of Vitamins/Minerals which helped her so much, that she almost never complains about her legs anymore.

Vit C 1g 1,667\\%

Magnesium 400mg

Iron 75mg

She spreads it out. The Vitamin C in the morning, Magnesium 200mg morning & evening, and the Iron 25mg breakfast/lunch/dinner.

She swears by this remedy, it has really worked for her.

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I agree. I am a Chiropractor and I've personally experienced RLS and side effects of the medication(s). Magnesium does wonders. Specifically, I used a brand called Natural Calm and it worked very well. It won't be an overnight remedy, as you'll have to give it time. I hope this helps.

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