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I have suffered with BV for over 3 years. It has been a very long 3 years of frustration and depression dealing with this degrading problem. I have followed forums looking for answers. I felt like I had tried everything looking for answers: antibiotics, peroxide, vitamin C, tea tree oil, yogurt, certain probiotics etc. In the end I ended up frustrated and depressed. I ended up thinking I was going to douche with peroxide for the rest of my life with mediocre results. I recently started drinking a drink for purely health reason NEVER even thinking that it would do anything for the BV. A friend said he drank it and never gets colds etc and that he had drank for years and thought it was an awesome product. He is a super healthy guy and I trust his opinion so I thought I would start drinking it. The name of the product is Green Vibrance. You can find it in regular health stores. I have zero association with this product or company other than being lucky enough to try it and am sharing my story in the hopes that it will help others like it has helped me. After using it for a week or so I started to notice that the undeniable smell of BV was gone. At first I didn't believe it because I have been dealing with this depressing problem for so long long that I thought no way it is just my imagination. The true test was sex and my very patient and loving boyfriend couldn't believe it either. The odor is gone and it has been over a month. I drink Green Vibrance EVERY day in hopes that the BV never comes back. I don't know anyone else that has BV (or admits to having it) to verify that it will work for others but I feel I have an obligation to share my story in hopes that this product will help others like it has helped me. I know what the last 3 years of my life has been like for me and I would hate to think of others feeling the same way without sharing my story. I would love for others to try this and let me know if it worked for them. If it does please share it.

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Christa marie

I am a 1 year in with this suffering. My vagina is broken and I have been prescribed everything you can think of and home remedies and nothing keeps it gone I get so depressed and am embarrassed to have sex with my husband. I am going to try this! We shall see......


I have been battling BV for about a year and half. Spent hundreds of dollars in doctor visits and prescribed medications that only made matters worse. After reaching my ultimate low in losing confidence and making up excuses why I didn't want to have relations with my boyfriend and being thoroughly embarrassed to even stand next to someone in fear they would smell me, I finally turned to nature. Desperate to find a cure and very depressed over it. They say it's not an STD but boy does it make you feel like you have one. It equally destroys your femininity as much as if you would have infact had an STD. WELL LADIES...I found my cure. I know they say don't douche. But in my case, matters couldn't be any worse. I was bloated, achy, had drainage constantly, the smell...LORD the smell. It was bad. Well I tried the salt water treatment douching. Yes worked, temporary. Then tried Honey water douche, temporary (as in a day). Tea Tree oil...least favorite, bothersome, oozed out and temporary but VERY effective masking the smell. AND FINALLY....Apple Cider Vinegar. BINGO!! We had a winner. 3 days later cured! DAY ONE, I mixed equal portions of ACV and water,douched. Then douched again with plain water, took acidophilus twice a day and cleansed the outer labial portions with teatree oil and water (just to catch any potential smells). DAY TWO, about a 3rd of ACV and water, flushed again with plain water, still taking acidophilus twice per day and tea tree oil for the outside. At this point, the symptoms were gone as far as bloat and ache, no smell. Still discharge, but no smell. DAY THREE, a teaspoon of ACV and water, flushed again with plain water, Acidophilus and tea tree oil rinse. Done! No discharge, no symptoms, no smells...Just back to good ole me. I cried. Yes ladies, finally. I feel whole free for over a month now after so long in trying to find help. Did it work...I'm going with yes. Are we all different, yes. And treatment varies for some women. I am happy to report, I have not had to douche since and honestly I really won't unless absolutely necessary. It’s not natural to douche all the time and upsets the natural flora. Now I watch my ph and make sure it stays balanced. I maintain a healthy diet and I drink of plenty of water. I hope this helps you as much as it helped me. Oh and by the way...I found it funny that $.50 is all it would cost to cure me. Dear Lord help us all! Best of luck.


Awesome. I will give it a shot. Thank you!!


Try IBGARD peppermint oil tablets I started taking them for ibs caused by taking too many metronidazole pills over the last 16 yrs of this horrid bv. I'm not sure how it works but for some reason it has so far and it's been 2 months


epsom salt baths and baking soda baths works wonders and i have suffered from bv for over four months! plus, eating one cup of yogurt once a day helps out.

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