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Abcess cure !!

I have an abcess on the top of my buttocks . Boy does it hurt. Couldnt walk . Couldnt sleep. Couldn't get out of bed. It was hurting soo badly.

I tried all the home remedies listed on here but nothing worked.

I have had this abcesss for about 5 days.

This morning i applied natural yogurt and honey as my abcess had got a blister on it from trying to apply garlic. It hurt soo bad.

After doing this i cleaned it off . Applied a hot compress and had a little nap .

Then had a hot bath with epsom salts.

After doing this i got dressed . And while i started to walk i smelt this disgusting foul smell. It was my had burst. The colour was green and bloody . My gosh the smell was like a mixture of rotten eggs and dog poo but this remedy does work and im sooo relieved my abcess has popped.

No more pain .

It has a huge dent now where the abcess was and its leaking a bit still but does not smell.

Please try this remedy it works.

Apply a generous amount of unflavored natural yogurt. Mix it with natural honey. Leave this on for about an hour.

After an hour clean up the area and apply baby powder and a warm compress. Leave this for about an hour

After this have a warm bath with epsom salts. Try to stay in their for about 30 mins .

This remedy should soften up the abcesss and it should rapture on its on.

Once abcess has popped make sure you have squeezed out all the pus and cleaned it up. After doing this make sure area is dry and Apply a gauze and tea tree antiseptic spray. Make sure to do this daily until area is healed as the abcesss can come back.

Hope this works for you as it did for me !!

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