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White rice you get from the chinese food place works great everytime. I guess it bloats up in your stomach and dries everything up...not sure really. I just know it works great!

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Debbie Thompson

1 cup of plain white rice works every time. I used this remedy for my husband when he was sick from cancer and their treatment. He was not a rice eater, but caved in when the burning became unbareable. I swear by this remedy. Eat just one cup of fully cooked white rice and your next BM will be a solid one.


White rice will toughen your system and prevent diarrhea. It is also helpful in that it will not worsen your symptoms as you digest, and you have a good chance of being able to retain some food in your system.

But after the diarrhea subsides a little, eat plain yogurt (without fruits and sugars etc.) to restore the bacterial cultures in your system that you need in order to fight off infections. I know Astro yogurt has the 2 essential cultures. Most yogurts don't.

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