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Hi everyone ! I have tried everything. Nothing worked. I tried milk and bread. Warm compress. Baths with epsom salts . Aleo vera . Red onion. Etc nothing worked. I have an abcess on the top of my bum. I went into doctors to get it drained. She cut it open but as it didnt have a head only a lil bit of blood came out. This made it worse. I have been unable to walk in days been taking panadeine forte and nurofen. Losing hope i tried this remedy .

I made a paste out of 3 garlic gloves , tumerica and coconut oil. I applied this to the area and then sat in my infared sauna . And the abcess went away after 60 mins !

This is the only thing i found that works that got rid of it within an hour .

If you dont have a sauna then apply the paste and use a hot compress .

Otherwise go to a place that has a sauna as this honestly does work and im soo relieved. After days of suffering not being able to walk.

I was cured within an hour !!

Trust me this works and it does not burn or sting at all as the coconut oil stops the garlic from doing so but honestly best cure!!

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