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I’m a 22 year old woman and this is how I’ve been dealing with HPV. English is not my first langage, so I’m sorry for possible mistakes! I have found help and comfort in this feed and I hope I can help others go through what I have been through.

If you’re new with the diagnosis, repeat after me : this is not the end of my life. HPV is one of the most common STDs and your body can eliminate the virus by itself. It’s a pain in the ass (sometimes literally) and it will take time, but the good new is that you can get rid of it.

I was diagnosed with HPV back in August, but have experienced symptoms since January. I was feeling an itch in my lady parts, but thought it was only due to the cold weather that usually dries my skin a lot. Summer came and the itch was still there from time to time, but I didn’t have any other symptoms so I didn’t worry about it that much. After a summer of occasional drinking and smoking, I found what turned out to be warts in my vulval area. They were outgrows of skin that looked like cauliflower (it looked exactly like they described it on the Internet). Until I got checked by my doctor, since I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, I applied BETADERM creme on them to relieve the itching that got worse now that the warts were out. It managed the itch but didn’t do anything to the size of the warts. Once I checked with my doctor and got the confirmation that it was warts, I took an appointment to a gynaecologist to have them remove, but the appointment I got was only in November. There were quite a lot of warts and I wanted them gone because I thought they were embarrassing and uncomfortable.

I tried the ACV method and here’s how it went for me. I would apply ACV on the tip of a cotton ball and put it directly on the warts. It burned like holy hell at the first application and I think it’s totally normal. I have a great pain tolerance so I just went with it, but if you can’t stand the pain, try diluting the ACV with water. It may take longer to see results, but it won’t hurt as much. I would secure the cotton balls with bandaids and keep them on all night (a good 8 to 10 hours). Make sure your skin is dry before you try to put the bandaid on it otherwise it won’t stay in place. I had read that you may want to protect the skin around the warts from the irritation the bandaid can cause with oil or creme, but I found the bandaid as well as the medical tape didn’t stick to the skin. The vulval area can be a tricky place to put bandaids on. In the morning, I would take the cotton balls off and wash the area with a soft for the skin soap to get rid of the bandaid glue and the smell as well. I would finally apply coconut oil so that my skin repairs easier. In only three or four nights, they were gone. My advice would be to persevere with the treatment even if it hurts or feels sore : it’s a sign it’s healing.

What also really helps is keeping your immune system strong. I started taking Vitamin C and probiotics, stopped drinking, ate healthier and stayed active. The warts haven’t come back yet, except for a Monday morning after a night where I had had (yes, only) two beers. I treated the wart with ACV and it went away.

As for the itch, it’s still present (sigh). I find that putting ACV on the itching area relieves a lot of it. I know it might itch quite a lot, but DON’T SCRATCH IT. Scratching the area will only make the virus spread and warts appear.

Good luck to anyone who suspects they’ve been infected with HPV or have been diagnosed and stay positive, beautiful people.

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