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The poultice works. Just mix in 2 table spoon turmeric power, 2 table spoon baking power, 2 table spoon coconut oil, and its optional but highly recommended 10-15 drops of tea tree oil.

Just mix the paste and get ready to take a hot sitz bath. After half an hour just tap dry the affected area and apply the paste.

Believe me it stings a lot. But bear the pain which lasts for 15-20 mins.

Post application just put some cotton gauze roll in place so that the poultice does the Magic.

In say 24 hours the abscess pops up and everything drains.

Wonderful home remedy.

Take care not to touch the poultice with hand otherwise you might just end up getting it infected.

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I would like to try this remedy, but how do i know if its an absess or fissure?


I've been doing it since Sunday, it has only swollen up... Is the paste still good after it has dried all up?


hi, guys, I'm suffering from abscess and fistulas from the last 4 yrs. two days back it popped up near the fistula opening 1/2 inch. by reading this mixture I applied last night and it busted however there little more tender are left. I'm still applying the same paste. my question how to clean up or clear the abscess cavity. plz, help me if anyone fully healed the abscess(an abscess can turn into fistula that's how I got 4 years ago.)

heaps of thanks in advance.


I hope this mixture works for me. I am having this deep skin acne/abscess on my butt now and it hurts whenever i sit. My first occurrence was when i was 22yrs old serving the National Service in the arm forces of Singapore. The army paid for my surgery under GA that time so i was fine with surgery. This is the fourth time i am having this abscess... depression setting in..

Spent SGD80 on everything. The sitz bath tub, some gauze and tagaderm for dressing from the Watson store. Tumeric powder and baking soda are cheap from my local supermart NTUC. The coconut oil and tea tree oil are expensive but got a good deal from barret and holland for the 2 oil.


I just wanted to comment and thank all of you for posting about this! The day before yesterday, I found myself in the same predicament. I stumbled across your posts,took a sitz bath, then tried the mixture, and it worked! So thankful I found this! It actually only took about 6 hours for mine to rupture, which is awesome! Thank you! This really does work!


Started to apply on 21st oct. Till now it has yet ruptured...

It was on the 3rd application then i felt the tingling pain when applying the mixture. i hope it ruptures soon.


Hello, I can feel a liquid bubble near my anus it's sometimes painful and sometimes itchy. It's inside the skin so can not see anything but a lump. I don't want to go for any surgery and I am very scared. Should I try this paste? Or consult a doctor?


How often do you apply this paste?


How often do you apply the paste and how to clean up after? Please reply. Thanks.


Please can I use this mixture for fistula as well.

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