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I was diagnosed about 20 years...have only had three outbreaks since...this past Friday i had a couple of small bumps on my inner labia, and I kind of just hoped they would go away. Well, let me just say, they didn't...they only got worse!!! I tried the vitamin c powder and making a paste...and while it did help some, it burned like hell, and it made the blisters ooze ridiculously and the blisters ended up spreading. So what started as just two blisters turned into about 7-8 of them. I found info about applying coconut oil and it did help to soothe and diminish the appearance some but I'm running out of patience. It's been four days and I just can't take it anymore. Today I decided to purchase a Sitz Bath and epsom salt, which is recommended to clean the wounds and help them heal. It stung a little at first but wasn't as bad as the vitamin c paste. Now I'm wondering if I should apply some coconut oil to them again? Or should I just leave them dry and see what happens? I'm planning to do another couple of Sitz Baths before bed and hope that tomorrow the blisters will be completely dry and gone. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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