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Jacquilyn Chamberlin

Had ringworm in 2006 for six months because I am resistant to the antifungal creams and oral medications...the ones ending in "azole" and their other brand names and I was seeing a doctor for treatment.

Ten years ago I was on this very website and tried everything natural to chemical with no results and I was desperate because I live in a tropical humid rainforest. I even began a legit house cleaning business since I was cleaning everything all the time!

This past year I have been working with an allergist who skin tested me for allergies to food, animals, insects, nature, etc. I also did the T.R.U.E. Test skin panels for multiple chemical sensitivities. What I found out is I am highly sensitive to two kinds of dust mites and black mold. I also have allergies to disperse blue 106, p-Phenylenediamine, cobalt dichloride, fragrance mix, and Balsam of Peru.

So let me just explain that with Balsam of Peru allergy things like tea tree oil, calamine lotion, canohor, Vicks vapor rub, eucalyptus oil, propolis, honey, beeswax, wood tars, citris peels, lemon, turpentine, essential oils or spices (clove oil, ginger, tummeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, paprika, curry) and anything in the fragrance family (lavender, rosewater, peppermint oil, calendula, flower essence, etc.) products are not going to work at all and haven't worked for me.

I think anyone else who may have such ought to know, especially since I have been here and done that.

I have done elimination to exposure of things I have multiple chemical sensitivity too. I have done immunology shots for the dust mites and black mold to no avail. I have two more months of Xolair shots which will be six months by November this year with no results or relief.

The prescription allergy pills Zyrtec and Allegra I have built resistant to. My antihistamine sedative hydroxyzine HCL 50 mg isn't working anymore for my night time itching and scratching so I get little sleep, five hours at most.

Now since September 13th (unlucky?) I have developed a ringworm fungus that is on the outside of my right thigh, very visible, think Hawaii and wearing shorts and it has been over three weeks and you think anything I do or have done in the past is going to make it go away in less than six months time like before in 2006?! Lamisil never worked for my toenail fungus and had big toenails removed, only to grow back eight months later, and within two months get fungus again!

So what am I, fungus among us here?!

I have done the natural remedies here the neem oil, Kukui nut oil, papaya, with zero results.

I am strictly vegetarian, organic, Non GMO, healthy life style person to begin with.

I have been the all clear of parasite thru testing.

My most recent blood lab work shows I do NOT have resistant bacerteria or resistant staph. My IgE number is elevated at 880 now, so I feel I am at my tipping point of toxicity now.

I came back here again, since it has been ten years and thought maybe there are new developments or remedies since.

Perhaps I have a systemic fungal infection and ringworm is an outward manifestation of it or it is not ringworm at all and something else?

So when I see my allergist again Saturday October 8 I will see what more she has to say and what more I can do. And if I do find anything that works for ringworm fungus I now have again, I will let you all know and in on it!!!!

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Layla Ali

Wow, you described what I'm going through. The weird thing is the I also have ring worm on the outside of my right thigh. About 6 years ago I dropped something on my right big toe, so when the nail turned white I thought it was from getting hit. I have tried every natural remedy and not had anything work. I did read an article by a doctor who said we have natural antibodies that fight against fungus and bacteria and if we have toe nail fungus it's usually a sign of something else. Sure enough I became hypothyroid about a year after I got the toenail fungus. I believe since my immune system is compromised it's causing things like ring worm and toenail fungus. I try to eat super healthy and eat organic, I rarely eat out. I do not eat any gluten since 90\\% of people who are Hypothyroid have a gluten sensitivity. The ring worm got worse and spread to 12 spots on my legs. I started applying tea tree oil but it only worked if I applied it twice a day, wear pants only once and wash bed sheets regularly. What's weird is all the spots have gone away except for the very original one on the outside of my right thigh. It seems like the right side of my body is the most compromised too. My toenail fungus that I have had for 6 years is on my right big toe too. I was wondering if there was something wrong with my circulation. Anyways, Good luck and please let me know if you find anything that works. I won't bother getting my toenail removed after hearing about your experience.


Ringworm is a skin infection. It is usually transmitted through contact with animals, such as dogs, cats, calves, hamsters and guinea pigs. It can be spread by sharing clothing, brushes, shoes, towels, toys (such as stuffed animals) and other items with an infected person. These are some home remedies for ringworm that you can get rid of that infection:

1. Garlic

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

3. Tea Tree Oil

4. Turmeric

5. Vinegar and Salt

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