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Just a guy

Here's my treatment remedy:

I am male. Spotted one initially then within a few days there were 8.

I bought cotton make up remover pads (stitched). I poured organic ACV into a mist bottle. I lightly sprayed a thin layer of ACV onto the pad. I washed my anus, sat on the toilet and firmly placed the pad on my rectum and held it there with my finger while I stood up. I put on a pair of snug fitting underwear and kept it there until my next bowel movement. When I sit down to do #2, I renove the pad and drop it into the toilet before pooin. After thoroughly wiping, I replace it with another pad. When I am out, I carry a couple of pads in a ziplock bag. Only this time, I use a dry pad. I apply the pad with a mist coat of ACV only when I am at home and before bed. I have been following this regime for 2 weeks and I highly reccommend it. They are no longer itchy, bleeding, swollen or irritable. You would never know you have them and they are slowly vanishing...

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Thunja works well.

Warm bath with oatmeal helps with itching.

Try Newton's Warts homopathetic. You have to be very consistent.

Apple cider vinegar.

Boost immune system.

Some people say duct tape works if you are very consistent.

Stop smoking & drinking.

Drink green smoothies and eat plenty of raw fruits & veggies.

Always use condoms!

Just a guy


My remedy using cotton make up pads (stitched) sprayed/misted with organic ACV actually worked. It got rid of them in just over 4 weeks. (See my regime in previous comment Fri 30 Sept 16)

By spraying a mist layer of ACV ensures that you don't over saturate the pad. Too much ACV is overkill and an agressive approach is not reccomended.

If I didn't feel a tolerable burn sensation, I would replace the pad with a higher dose of ACV.

This regime is about finesse, not tour de force.


Someone should come up with an ACV Gel. Something along the lines of an apple cider vinegar-infused Aloe Vera?

Or maybe some sort of disposable supository/pad. Basically, a cotton pad that has a cotton swab protruding from the creased centre of the pad.

You apply the ACV infused gell to the supostory part and the pad. Insert and go...

ACV is grossly under rated. I've been exploring the numerous uses it has.

1 part ACV with 3 parts warm water is an amazing gargle for sore throat and oral care.

If you are going through a rough time I can assure you that you will get rid if them. Be persistent.


would red red wine vinegar work as well you think?

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