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I have tried most of the suggestions here with only minor success. Six months ago I came across a Bulgarian discussion on the same topic and one of the solutions actually worked for me. I have had the fungus on all of my toenails on the left foot as well as the athlete's foot itch and this is how it all went away. It is pills. I can only give the name in Bulgarian as I am not sure how this would be in English - ????????. In Bulgaria each capsule costs approximately 1.2 euros. I started taking one capsule a day and after almost six months all of my previously infected toenails have now nearly been replaced by the new, pink and fungus free ones. You need to continue taking the pills for 1 year (until the new toenails have complete grown). I still have a few months to go before they clear completely. The athlete's foot itch is also gone. Perhaps I should mention that I used to have a very sweet tooth which probably was a contributing factor but when I started taking the pills I reduced my sugar intake quite a bit to help the process.

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I did not realise that typing the name of the capsules in Cyrilic came out as question marks. Here's the English transliteration - MIKOMAX or MIKOMAKS


Im unable to get this in the UDA how do I?

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